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"Researcher" ... does it belong in the "Postgrad" section of EDU?

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 1,643 Gandalf23

    Hi all,
    Just came across this forum and think its brilliant.

    I'm currently a PhD researcher in the social sciences in UCD.

    I was wondering if the proper home for this forum is in Edu rather than Science? Its a bit restricting to have in in Science ... it kinda excludes people like me (just found it by accident tbh) who are not strictly "science" related researchers.

    It might be more inclusive if it was open to a broader audience of researchers in general (within the postgraduate section in Edu maybe?), with sub categories like "science", "social science", "management" etc etc etc.

    Just an idea.

    BTW, am I welcome to join if this forum stays in science? :D I am a "social" scientist after all ...