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New Paintball Tournament for Ireland

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    A new type of Paintball Tournament
    Paintball 1o1 (one 'o' one) is a new type of paintball tournament for Ireland. As the name suggests, it is a one on one competition. The aim of the series is to work your way up the ladder system all the way to the top.... and stay up there.

    The competition will have some serious advantages in that it will help to develop your personal skill level while at the same time as having some fun and winning some prizes.

    When & Where is it on?
    Paintball 1o1 events can be held anywhere at any time. They will typically be held at the same time as a S.O.D. So there could be one at Barrage, Anarky or etc. The first event will be held at Anarky Paintball.

    Prizes you say?
    Yup! There will be a €5 entry fee per event into the competition. The prizes will vary from event to event, but for example, the prize for the first event is a vForce Grillz Mask, provided by Anarky Paintball Shop

    1o1 Objectives
    Win a point by touching your opponents start gate first with out getting hit
    Best of 3 points wins the match
    Win a match against a player with a higher rank than you and you get promoted to their rank and they get demoted.
    Once at the top - defend your title by accepting challenges and winning
    There will be a winner of each event and an overall yearly winner

    Rules Summary
    -Usual rules on starting procedure, hits, FPS, Millennium ROF and Safety Apply
    -This is a hopper ball tournament, only one hopper per point - You can carry a pack but if you are seen reloading you will be disqualified from the tournament
    -There is no time limit for a point, but quick match turn around times are expected by players
    -Coaching is not allowed, spectators are permitted to cheer
    -If you want to move up the ranks, you have to challenge people higher than you to a game.
    -You can challenge any player who is at most 4 ranks above you
    -If you challenge some one and lose, you can not ask to challenge anyone for the rest of the event i.e. you will not be able to advance
    -You can be challenged by others below you and if you lose to them, you get demoted to their rank.
    -You can be challenged as many times as possible through out the day by people below you.
    -Your rank is updated as soon as your match is over, not at the end of each event, so you can start at the bottom and work your way up 20 ranks if you win all your games.
    -If you refuse a challenge during the event, you automatically are given a lose.
    -You have one 'free pass' through out the tournament which lets you turn down one challenge.
    -If you fail to turn up with 'using your free pass' you are demoted to the bottom of the rankings
    -If you fail to turn up but use your free pass, you hold your current rank but other players can still move up and down around you

    First event is a seeding event: Assume 16 entrants

    All go into a hat, 1st name plays 2nd name. 3rd name plays 4th name etc.
    This will generate 8 matches with a possible 24 points. Max of 3 points per match

    Then winners all go back into the hat and same drawing takes place.
    This will generate 4 matches with a possible 12 points.
    Next 2 matches: 6 points
    Then Final: 3 points

    So a possible 45 points at say 2mins max each. 90mins. That seems to be a reasonable time. In the event of odd numbers... which the has to be. The last player left to be draw will get a by into the next round.

    2nd Event and the rest
    Players will be ranked based on their previous results.
    So you would get +1 point for ever point that you won
    You would get +3 for a clean sheet i.e. winning the two points in a match

    Who can you play?
    You will look at the list of players and see

    Name #1
    Richie #1
    Dusty #2
    Colm #3
    Hel #4
    Eoin #5
    enemy #6
    robbie #7
    bez #8

    You will only be able to challenge up to 4 places ahead of you. So if bez played hel and won
    bez #4
    Eoin #5
    enemy #6
    robbie #7
    Hel #8

    You can challenge up to 5 people per event so in theory you should be able to come from the bottom right up to the top in a day. Assuming there 20 people in the league.