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PSNI Recruitment - Stage 4 - The Medical



  • ohmummy wrote: »
    Hope someone can help, I have the medical coming up. Is the SMT done the same day?

    If the medical lapses due to time (I will be away with work for three months come July) will I have to complete the medical and the SMT again? If so, are they done on the same day?

    Hope this makes sense. Just looking at my annual leave allowance and hope I do not need to use nearly a weeks holiday if my medical lapses. If this is the case I will just hold off the medical until I am back. Although I do not want to lengthen the process further for myself.

    Yes SMT done on the same day.

    I passed my medical 4 months ago and received an email this week advising it was due to expire. I just had to email back and confirm there’s been no changes since my medical and that’s it. Hope that helps.

  • Hi

    I am hoping someone can help my nerves.

    I filled out the sections to the best of my knowledge but haven got my form back from the go after getting them to fill out their bit I now realised that I have forgotten things that happened almost 10 years ago.

    what am asking is there a right/wrong way to fill out medical and will it go against me?

    thanks in advance.