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Taking my Oil boiler out had enough



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    I see on the kedco website that they require a local plumber for the installation and Kedco supply and commission it.

    Does that mean that the plumber has to be sei approved for the grant or is the grant covered by the fact that Kedco supply and commission it.

    Would like to use my local plumber who has installed kedco but is not SEI approved.



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    Also a buffer tank as mentioned by previous posters is an unnecessary expense if you buy a 100 step modulated boiler. There are arguments that if you have underfloor heating you need a buffer tank but I do and have no issues without a buffer tank. Also I have no lenghty delays in getting heat to the rads. My systems is in always on state and regulates the temperature as to the needs of my zones which makes the house a much nicer more controlled place to be, never too hot or cold so much so that you dont even think about it. Also this does not burn through pellets as you would expect it just ticks over when the house is warm enough just confirming the efficiency of these systems. It just works!

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    Doctor L

    In my case my plumber installed it as part of the house plumbing and he was not sei approved they then came out and commisioned it and signed off grant forms. They did warn that plumber could not start boiler until they had inspected his work and all was in order. They also initialy offered to install should I need so but it worked out cheaper to get it done as a house plumbing package.
    Most plimbers who are worth their grain of salt will be getting to grips with this form of heating as it will become more and more popular in years to come.

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    How would gas compare to oil for heating a house?

    If you know how many litres of oil you use each year, you can compare the cost of gas and oil here:
    However I hear the price of gas is about to increase soon.

    The thing I'm considering is just upgrading my old oil boiler to a new condensing one as you can see (with the price of oil these days) it can make a huge difference to be burning your oil more efficiently. Old boilers are said to be 65% to 75% efficient whereas a new condensing one might be 95% efficient. Nowadays, thats a big saving.