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Star Trek Conference Las Vegas

  • 15-02-2008 2:36pm
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    Hi folks, has any one ever gone to a Trekie Conference, myself and herself have been talking about heading over to Vegas in August to the Hilton Star Trek Conference. So I have a couple of questions if ye wouldn't mind answering if possible

    1. Are the crowds so big that it's just endless queues?
    2. How close do you get to the stars?
    3. Are the prices way over the top?

    and most of all are they good fun.

    Thanks in advance :D


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    I've never been to a convention there, but I thought the Trek Experience was one of the best things in Vegas. I'll defo be going back for a convention at some point.

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    Never been to one abroad but i went to the one in mosney years ago when i was younger, probbley nothing like the US ones though. I thought it was good anyway

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    I've been to the Vegas convention.
    It's a great experrience if you have never been to a super convention like they put on there.
    You'll get close to the actors with autograph and photo sessions.
    Both of which will get you as close as is possible to be to them.
    Unless you buy one of the exclusive tickets you pay for each of these oppurtunities individually by purchasing autograph or photo tickets which range from $20 up to $75 in some cases.
    I would recommend general admission.
    Any package below gold isn't worth it so if they are all gone go general.
    Gold is a bit of a rip off but you get priority in the lines which will shave hours of your time but then again they sell a couple of hundred of them!.
    If you go that far across the world, don't miss out on Vegas itself.
    It's ok for the Americans who can see LV anytime, but you may miss some of the events(which are almost non stop for three days) at the convention.
    If you don't you'll go home without seeing Vegas.
    My advice, don't book any of the night time parties.
    See the strip instead and if you are travelling that far, then spend some time in LA as well away from the convention or you'll feel like you spent your whole holiday half way across the world in a hotel lobby!.
    Also the Star Trek Experience is in the Hilton.
    Well worth seeing with lifesize recreations of the sets and actors in character as your taking through two journeys on motion rides.
    Great stuff.
    All in all, good but pricey.