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    Update 14th September 2011

    Here's a couple of little guidelines that I think should keep this board nice and clean, not that I think there would be much trouble from us lively history people :) All users of this forum should be aware of the general protocols and rules that can be viewed here

    Starting Threads :

    Topics should be relevant to history board.
    There is also a Politics and Humanities board so some topics might overlap.
    Try not to repeat topics, have a quick search in the past threads. However you should not bump old threads unless there is a worthwhile reason for doing so such as new information or a new source that relates to the subject.
    No Homework Threads, i.e. do your own research. No links to personal blogs without contextual discussion. No links to business sites (genealogy).

    Moderating :

    If there is any trouble with the moderating PM the History Forum moderators and hopefully we can sort it out. Note that a moderator decision is final and is intended to positively keep a thread and the forum functioning in a civilised manner- If you do not agree with a moderator decision you should PM them to make your point rather than derail a thread.

    Opinions :

    Obviously with history there are going to be a lot of different opinions, please try to keep an open mind.
    If you disagree with someone it would be a lot better to convince them to your way of thinking through logical debate rather than insulting them.

    You are not allowed directly insult another poster. This will not be tolerated. Abuse towards historical figures is sometimes acceptable sometimes not. If you are mindlessly abusing for no particular reason, this will be not tolerated. If it is part of an overall post which perhaps went a little too far, we will be lenient Bottom line, if you don't abuse at all, it won't be an issue.

    Obviously overly racist or inflammatory comments will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Furthermore, any semi-racist (race in this sense includes nationality) will result in a permanent ban.

    In addition, statements which are clearly intended as sectarian/religion bashing and add nothing to a thread will be deleted and the poster infracted and/or banned.

    People who consistently go off-topic and pursue what appear to personal agendas between people will be banned permanently, either in that thread or any other threads.

    In subjects that generally arise tensions between the forum users (discussing Nationalist or Unionist subjects for example) opinions should be backed up by a verifiable source when possible. The purpose of this is to avoid people who are simply trolling the forum as it should ensure that opinions have a basic foundation in fact. If you cannot provide a source or reason for holding a controversial opinion then it may be better to keep it to yourself as this could be seen as trolling (i.e. controversial opinions are fine but they must be based on a source of some kind). There is information on sources here.


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