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Is Paintball A sport?



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    redzerdrog wrote: »
    no its not a sport.

    Why not? Or is this yet another "drive by posting" ....

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    I think it was an attempt at humour, "Jeez wait till the lads see what I've posted they'll think its great. I'm mad me"

    I can see him now High fiving himself ( a feat in and of itself) and giggling about how he "Burned" the whole forum.

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    So .... he's a choad then?

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    I doubt he is a fully fledged Choad more of a choadette (choadlite? Lil'Choad?) but once he passes those exams man watch out, he'll be back to tell us how ghey we are and how he's gonna kick our asses. I love the internet :D

    Oh slightly on topic, yup Paintball is most definitely a sport

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 6,401 Shiva

    This thread has raised a very important point for Airsoft, that I think we're all overlooking.

    We need cheerleaders.

    /ducks and runs

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,080 Hivemind187

    Shiva wrote: »
    This thread has raised a very important point for Airsoft, that I think we're all overlooking.

    We need cheerleaders.

    /ducks and runs

    If I see NOIP with Pom-Poms I'll never play again ...

    ... there are several other things I might not be able to do again as well.

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    The sheer unadulterated cheek

    I use a baton not pom poms :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,005 NakedDex

    I used to play american football in college (damn I miss it) and we had cheerleaders at our games. Some of the other teams did too. Good times...

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,715 Nalced_irl

    I voted that it isnt a sport but to be honest i probably answered a bit too hastily. Before anyone asks me what my definition of a sport is, i honestly dont know how id define a sport but anything i think about that i would see as a trait of a sport (objectives, stamina, speed, teamwork, strategy etc) Airsoft and Paintball both have so i on further thinking i suppose i couldnt say it isnt a sport.

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    Paintball a sport! Nevers!

    I do think paintball is a sport. It involves all of the main elements of anything else that considers itself a sport, physical exertion, teamwork, stamina, tactics etc. There are competions and people play it professionally. It may still be an underground sport but that doesn't make it any less of a sport.

    It wasn't all that long ago that surfing and skateboarding were struggling to be recognised as sports, you wouldn't hear many arguments against them being sports now though, same deal with snowboarding when it first started, it's an olympic discipline now.

    Airsoft and paintball will both gain acceptance eventually, till then we'll probably have to keep dealing with people who can't understand that something can be a sport and not involve kicking a ball into the back of a net. Can't really ever see paintball or airsoft in the olympics though, the X-games perhaps, but not the olympics.

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    Boston wrote: »
    Well that video has, to a degree, changed my view point of paintball. Is speed ball played to that level here? I played speedball once and really enjoyed it, but ultimately the facilities where closed due to lack of interest. I always associated paintball in Ireland to the convinces of "a bunch of lads, out on a stag" or the like.

    Speedball has only really started in the Republic since last spring when barrage paintball got their Sup' Air field. Since then we have seen a massive growth in paintball. The number of markers owned and regular players increased more in the first 6 months of the field opening then in the whole of 2006.
    This year we have the first irish xball league running too the IXL. You can read you on Xball and the IXL on
    I play for the first republic of ireland team to play internationally. We used to train once a month in portadown, which meant leaving dublin at 6.20 am on a saturday :(
    Its going to be a great year for paintball in 2008. I really encourage people to come along to our monthly SOD (speedball open days) where you can give speedball a shot, try out all the different markers and masks, chat with some of the experienced players and most of all have a cheaper than usual day of paintball with a full bar and warm showers at the end ;)

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    Spetzcong wrote: »
    Can't really ever see paintball or airsoft in the olympics though, the X-games perhaps, but not the olympics.

    Actually afaik a few asian countries want to see airsoft practical pistol in the olympics - fingers crossed :).

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    I played paint ball down in Limerick with a friend from college and a group he organised and when I finished(my team won) I couldn't help thinking what a pity it was that I couldn't play it more regularly. As far as I'm concerned its a sport and a brilliant team sport as well. Are there tourneys in Ireland or even teams (outside of Dublin)?

  • Registered Users Posts: 990 ✭✭✭ ditpaintball

    Nothiing to stop you playing it regularly.... bar the cost.

    There are is only one team out side dublin, that is escarmouche from belfast area. There is not enough interest else where to get a team going. The first ever speedball league is starting in march, the IXL, check it out

  • Registered Users Posts: 65 ✭✭✭ ion c

    Dit i would have to say its more a lack of knowlage than interest. There is only one air ball field in the republic. There are loads of tournies in europe the Millennium Series being the biggest one, Centrio (eastern european), there are also at least 3 major tourney organizations in Germany, England and France respectively.
    Make sure you have a look at CerebralCortex, hopefully you can make it down to one of our Speedball days, paint is only 50e for 1000 shots.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 27,895 Dave!

    Yes paintball is a sport -- both speedball and woodsball.