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question regarding tax relief on tuition fees

  • 14-12-2007 4:12pm
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    this might be a stupid question but here it is anyway

    a few years ago i did a 1 year long full time Masters degree (October 2004 to June 2005)
    now I landed back from Australia at the start of the October to start the masters so didn't work in IRL in that tax year

    For the 2nd part of that academic year ie the tax year 2005, I have been meaning to claim back tax relief on the tuition fees but only just found the Bank receipt for the 2nd portion of the fees paid in the January (of 2005 as it happens..I know i am very slow on the uptake of this). I have been looking for this receipt forever...!

    i did contact revenue a while back and was told i can claim up to 4 years after a given tax year

    my question is this? how much of a refund am I likely to get? I paid €3,692 in fees in January 2005? By claiming it as "tax relief" am I likely to get more or less this amount back?


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    The Revenue add 20% of your fees to your tax credits. i.e 10% of €3,692 = €369 increase annual tax credits.

    Which ultimately means that you pay less tax in the year in which you claim the relief.

    You will have to be working in Ireland and paying Irish Income Tax to receive the increased Credit.

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    it's section 473 of the TCA.

    You need to include in writing a statement from the college

    a) that the college is an approved college (generally not a prob)
    b) the details of the course
    c) the duration of the course
    d) the amount of fees paid.

    Colleges are fairly used to this so just contact their admin and explain it. Then forward their letter to your local district.