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Deactivated militaria



  • The offer is open to any boardsies interested, would like to see the hobby gain acceptance here. Plan on getting a Bren once the finances recover from the cost of setting up there.

  • Finally had a visit from the CPO to check the house over,he'll be making his recommendations next week so thankfully one step closer to getting my deacts in:)

  • Been a long wait for you!

  • The CPO actually showed me all the paperwork i had handed in to my local station back in May,would you believe it had only been date stamped on the 7th of this month,its taken nearly six months to travel 13 miles to where the CPO is based,I must admit though the man was a pleasure to deal with,he knew everything about the deacts and the process involved regarding importing them and storeage and so on.He was more than helpful,I just hope he rings back like he said he will and not have me wait another six months,so Kowloon did you make the move?,settled in and all that and the proud owner of that Bren gun:D????

  • Yup, living in sunny England :rolleyes:.
    Bought myself a nice little TT33 and a Degtyarev so far.
    I'll be bringing them all home at some point.

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  • kowloon wrote: »
    Yup, living in sunny England :rolleyes:.
    Bought myself a nice little TT33 and a Degtyarev so far.
    I'll be bringing them all home at some point.
    Nice one kowloon,best of luck with the move,I picked up a nice Polish Radom pistol mid war production lately with waffen marks,again still in England but hopefully will be able to bring it in with the rest if I get the go ahead

  • Let us know how you get along with the import.

  • I got the recomendations sent out to me by the CPO,a gun safe and a monitored alarm linked to my mobile,the gun safe is being fitted tomorrow,the alarm is purely for the Webley and Radom,which I have no problem in agreeing to but at E1550 for installation is a bit steep this side of Christmas so I may Just hold off for another month or so.

  • Well I finally secured my autorizations for my rifles,ts only taken twelve months,just waiting on the cpo to get the super to sign them,I've decided to leave the hand guns for now and will try to get them at a later date.I've added a few photos of them after a recent visit to England,the k98 needs a bayonet plug,sling and ten inch cleaning rod

  • continued...

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  • Success at last! Congrats, very nice objects. :)

  • Thanks Preusse,its been a long hard fought process but glad its done now.

  • Still waiting on mine. :(

  • Bare with it Kowloon,you'll get there in the end.I ended up making alot of visits and phone calls to the station in the end and alot of those were only trying to get hold of the FAO,he was either off duty or on patrol,I was hopeing to get the paperwork through before I went to England last month in the hope of bringing them back,I never actually got to speak to the Super and was told in the end that at the end of the day everthing would end up going through the FAO regardless,I think I was lucky at this point because the FAO was changed for a new guy who was very down to earth about it and alot more willing to help.I may consider buying another couple this summer now knowing that I can get them,a nice smle and a No.4 would be nice.One thing the CPO told me when he came to the house was to buy a big enough gun safe if I was considering buying more de-acts,I think he may be right.;)

  • Got my paperwork yesterday finally:D,one quick question on behalf of a friend to people in the know,a friend of mine recently picked up a PO8 Parabellum with no makers marks to be found anywhere on the gun or magazine,just a serial number and the make of the gun stamped into the metal near the breach,is this a private purchase gun,post war copy,police issue or merely a very well made replica,I've searched online and looked at the Swiss versions which don't match and recently discovered there still been made in America but surely there should be more marks on it other than the ones mentioned above,also would this de-value a gun like this by much??

  • Just wondering if someone here could let me know do I need to apply for an import licence from the Justice website or is the Article seven form sufficient for customs.I was hopeing to get the rifles posted in the coming weeks and thought it best to double check:confused::confused:

  • Ring justice an ask for whoever deals with firearms.
    You will need an import licence but if you have the authorisation you'll get it no hassle. I've done it for lives and it took 2 weeks for the paperwork to come through.

  • Hi Kowloon cheers for that,I did look at the Justice website and of course I couldn't find anything covering de-acts at the time.I thought as much that an import license would be needed but best to double check,will give them a ring Tuesday.

  • I rang the Justice Department today and spoke to the firearms section,the guy there wasn't sure if I needed an import licence or not and figured if I had the Article 7 that this may in fact be enough to bring the rifles in,in the end I told him I would send in the application anyway just to be sure, and if it wasn't necessary they could notify me in the post,am I doing right or wrong ,who knows.

  • Lots of cheap de-acts around at the moment,sign of the times I guess,I picked up a nice SVT-40 and a No.4 MK1/2 Enfield the other day,both came cheap and was well pleased with myself

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  • How much did they set you back, and where? If it's not too nosey. Always on the look out for a good deal.

  • Hi kowloon,both were bought privately,110 for the SVT-40 and 160 for the No.4 plus postage and prices are in sterling,there is an SVT-40 for sale at the moment on auction starting at £100 with no bids,new spec with a welded action if your interested

  • arnhem44 wrote: »
    Hi kowloon,both were bought privately,110 for the SVT-40 and 160 for the No.4 plus postage and prices are in sterling,there is an SVT-40 for sale at the moment on auction starting at £100 with no bids,new spec with a welded action if your interested

    Good price on the SVT, a dealer down my way has a live one which I would love to buy, even moreso than the garands that have, but living in England half the year makes it a bad buy. The longer the recession goes on the better the prices will get, although for the lives I fear the government see it as a cash cow and have plans on raising the licence fees to ridiculous new heights.

  • wouldn't have mind having a crack off that SVT-40,what kind of price does a live one compare to a de-act??

  • Finally got my hands on my first two rifles,I hope to bring the other two over a bit quicker than these ones but still happy to have got them none the less.


  • Here's the latest two,have these now with a while,a Tokarev SVT 40 with the bolt welded shut on it so very little moving parts and a No.4 Lee Enfield Mark 1 converted to Mark 2


  • Particularly keen on the Tokarev. I've been meaning to ask, does the Nagant cock on closing?

  • Hi kowloon,the SVT's are nice,that one is dated 1942 and the Nagant cocks and dry fires.

  • I bought a Nagant a while back, but whoever deactivated it wrecked the action, it needs to be manually cocked to get the bolt open. Do you have a picture of your bolt? I want to get a hex receiver version at War and Peace but I'm not sure what to look for as my bolt is welded mess.

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  • Sorry nothing close up done on these,will try and sort something out and post it up for you.What proof house done the deactivation?