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[Sticky] Forum Charter

  • 18-10-2007 12:49pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 10,969 ✭✭✭✭ RoundyMooney

    For those of you who haven't posted here before, welcome!

    We got along without one of these for long enough, so I'll keep it brief...

    -The general rules apply.
    -No spamming, no trolling, no flaming, no advertising.No posting or linking offensive material (such as pornography).
    -Personal abuse is not tolerated under any circumstances; if you have a point to make you can do so without resorting to petty insults.
    -Please use the "Report this post" feature (visible on each and every post under the user's profile) whenever you see something which breaches the charter or the general rules of boards.
    -A thread that has nothing to do with Cork will be moved to a more suitable forum.
    -Text Speak is also frowned upon, please try to use your entire keyboard when making a post.If you are unsure of anything PM a Mod,thats what we are here for.
    -Occasionally the more elitist among us like to pull the piss out of the PROC (People's Republic of Cork). Since this invariably results in a response in kind from PROCers, and means I have to issue either a forum ban or a siteban, it is not A Good Thing. Let them have their sandpit, and we'll have ours.
    -While threads about nightclubs/bars are acceptable, please do not drag the thread down by insulting staff members. This includes general insulting of certain profession when you mention a nightclubs/bars name.
    -Threads in which a person is identified by name or description and in said thread their professional performance is questioned must be limited to recommending their services yes/no.

    Racism or bigotry of any kind is not tolerated and offenders will be dealt with harshly.

    -This Charter is subject to change.

    Now that the necessary is out of the way, enjoy!

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