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What are your funniest Irish sayings?



  • I love the irony in most of our beautiful slang, some of my favourites are:

    Actin' the maggot
    Creamed out of it
    Relax the cacks

    I was lookin at the Irish Slang site and saw a bunch I didn't recognise, also the popular Irish Sayings one was good. Loads out there to give ye the sh*ts and gigs haha

  • Ya know ur self

    As rough as a bears arse

    Ah now

    Will ya STOP

  • yup outta dat

  • ya cnut ya

  • "You're a blither come skite and the ducks will get ye"

    Taken from a Northern phrase book of my grannys.

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  • what's the name of the book?

  • he's got the balls of a brass donkey!(describing someone cheeky!)

  • Mweelrea wrote: »
    jeysus you're some numpty is a new one thats developed

    Numpty is Scotch I'm afraid, you fail.

  • As was said in the Michael Collins film said "Would ya get up off the parlimentary side of your ar*e and get a bit of colour in your face" :p

  • I'm delighted with myself :D

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  • Take her handy....if you get her handy take her twice.

    BITE my sac

    That beats banagher (beats pronounced bates)....

  • Is "in like Flynn" an Irish saying?

  • He was that thirsty, he'd lick the arse of a low flying duck.

    Monaghanese ftw!!!

  • "my God, what kind of people are ye" from OH mother - because we went to the pub at 4.00pm to see match. Four in the day I say, shocking stuff!! :D

  • She has a mouth for coolin soup and legs for crossin a field!!
    He's as mad as a brush/box of frogs.
    Its too cold to snow.
    Keep her lit.

  • I only know a few:

    - Your mouths like a torn pocket!
    - Are you chewing the cud? (For people chewing gum)
    - Ah, your a cute one (Meaning your sly or smart)

    Thats all I can think of at the moment!:P

  • She's a face like a well slapped arse.

    Up and down like a whoores knickers

    I'd drag me balls through a mile-a broken glass to throw stones at her shíte

  • Sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish shop

  • Had a donegal fellow in the jeep, overtaking a truck and out he comes 'go on, give her dixie' translated to 'give it some welly' :D

    Though bearing in mind that most of the time that hes talking i just smile and nod and try not to laugh :)

  • say nothing till ya hear more, and when ya hear more you say a cavan accent.

    she's an arse like too boiled eggs in a hanky.

    he'd want a serious kick in the congen box

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  • you've a heart of corn,
    he's that well hung he could whip cats from under the bed :D

  • Duno if this has been said.

    Hes as tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm.:)

  • Hagar wrote: »

    If he had brains he'd be dangerous.

    My Dad bought my mam a keyring which said, "If I had a brain, I'd be dangerous", after she had brain surgery! Almost 18 years later and she still has it!

    Smooth Dad, very smooth. :cool:

  • full as a bingo bus

  • not sure if this is a genuine old irish saying but my dad used to say to me if i was doing something i shouldn't be doing

    what in the name of bills bollixs are ya doin :)

  • oh and another one

    ya little scaldy balls :pac:

  • Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!..and the Donkey!
    "There ya go...I've left the keys in the ignition for ya"...for when you initiate a conversation with a burd your mate fancies.

  • the tide wouldn't take her out.

    She's like a clowns pocket.


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  • jasus, I'm as full as an egg!
    or a tic.
    Either can suffice.

    or for bein hungry,
    I'd ate the 24 balls of the 12 apostles through the gates of heaven.