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The toughest challenge of Kirk's career...

  • 28-07-2007 2:21am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 17,208 ✭✭✭✭ aidan_walsh

    Perhaps its a slightly immature sense of humour, but what with the captains known attraction to little green women...



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 53 ✭✭ Thelikefaneire

    I just whatched both episodes that were on this morning, and in the previous episode he also got the girl. This one however she was trying to get him, and if she did she would break every cell in his body. Both episodes had strong Spock storylines aswell of him trying to reach/find the captain. If they were meant to be in this order the writters were lazy, although the second episode was slightly better.

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    I dont pretend to have really sat down through more than perhaps 2 of the originals ever (one was a paradise planet, the other Kirk ends up on a Native American planet for a year while spock leads the ship to divert a comet or some such malarky) but its seems to me the whole thing at the end of the day still involved a lot of the womanising nature from back in the day - a scene pops to mind of Kirk McCoy and even Spock with grins on their faces and their hands on lady ass as they went to credits.


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    Yep Mono is a daily challenge for the Captain. But then that's the chance you take when encountering (and seducing) so many new alien women across the galaxy.

    However I always thought his toughest challenge for Kirk was to not let his hair fall off when he wrestled with the Gorn. Considering the amount of roughhousing it was amazing it stayed on throughout.

    There must have been unusual gravity on that planet or something?

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    i dont know how you cant watch the orginal used to be on sky1 so much. and some fantastic episodes