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Clinical Psychologist

  • 13-10-2006 5:56pm
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    What role does a clinical psychologist specialising in adult mental health have in the treatment of a person suffering with mild/moderate depression and anxiety? Does a patient see a clinical psychologist only once or twice or on an ongoing basis? Does a clincal psychologist do psychotherapy with a patient or recommend a patient to a particular form of psychotherapist?


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    Sounds a bit like you are referring to a specific situation and a specific person? Might be more appropriate to answer in a more general way without commenting on particular circumstances or individuals;)

    (What follows is only my opinion and may not apply to some or even many situations.)
    The short answer is, it depends. Sometimes a clin psych might function as part of a team, in which case the presenting problem may be dealt with by various members of the team, with each member having a role to play. The nature of the problem may determine whether the clin psych takes the major role, (or whether it is a nurse or Psychiatrist or social worker or drama therapist or play therapist etc etc.).

    If the clin psych takes a major role it might be typical for them to see a client for a few sessions to conduct an assesment and then decide whether any further intervention was warranted or whether the person should be referred on/discharged. If a clin psych does think it would be helpful, then they might contract with the person to see them for a specific number of sessions, with a particular goal in mind.

    I have to emphasise that there are lots of ways of working as a clin psych. Sometimes they will engage in therapy, but that can take many forms, some direct and some indirect (e.g. working with parents when a child is experiencing difficulty).

    If you are referring to a particular situation, then I would suggest that you should address any concerns you might have about how/whether therapy is going to be conducted with the psychologist. Most reasonable professionals will be willing to work according to what suits the client, obviously within the limits of their professional competence and in accordance with best/ethical practice.

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    Gibs wrote:
    (or whether it is a nurse or Psychiatrist or social worker or drama therapist or play therapist etc etc.).

    Hi Gibs, what are drama and play therapists?

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