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CSI Miami's Horatio Caine.

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    Forget your norris's, Mcgyver's and barry scotts.
    Horatio Caine would have them for breakfast.

    You gotta love those punchline's just before the opening credits!

    E.g some guy falls through a roof... [horatio]: 'Thanks for dropping in!'
    cue music! hahahahaha I love it!


  • ''You'll spend the rest of your life in a six-by-nine''

    He Rules.

  • I dunno.. Horatio Caine.. I'm conflicted. He's cool, yet ginger. I just don't know what to think.

  • Oh he's just the shizzel!!

  • Wish I could put on my sunglasses while rasing my head. :)

  • check this out horatio fans. priceless!

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  • the chap is a bona fide legend

  • his ice cool stance/pose's are brilliant

  • "that's what happens when worlds collide"

    classic :D lol

  • Mrs Popebenny16 is never impressed when i make the coffee Horatio style. "Ill get the coffee...................from here.......the milk from................that fridge there. (Long pause) This milk is out of date"

    I am also cool and ginger, btw.

  • He's the reason I can't watch Miami. Love Vegas and NY, but Horatio is just too unbelievable as a serious character, he should be in comedy.

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  • Cloud wrote:
    He's the reason I can't watch Miami. Love Vegas and NY, but Horatio is just too unbelievable as a serious character, he should be in comedy.

    But thats why CSI Miami is so great. He's trying to be all serious, but he just can't do it, and it's what makes the show so great.
    CSI Vegas has Grissom who is serious/genuine in his 'character'.
    CSI Miama has Horatio who is just plain brilliant.
    If he went into comedy I don't think he would be as funny as he is now, because he's not trying to be funny now, he just is.

  • Miami wipes the floor with NY and LV - the only possible way it could be any better is if Joe Pecsi became Horatios side kick

  • Horatio is THE man!!

    "... you know what they say: You lie down with the devil, you wake up in hell."

    Quality :D

  • :D Horatio is soooo :cool: how about this one,
    Woman is going through bad trouble with a divorce, she turns up dead. Horatio and Frank are there. Frank says "There's no two ways about it, divorce sucks!" and Horatio says "Frank, (puts sunglasses on) it's a killer!!!" Cue music!
    I love that one! he couldn't be more sarcastic if he tried :p

    Horatio's Girl

  • he is an absolute legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • External - Forest - Early morning

    Horatio pulls up to a police barrier in his pimped out hummer, the spinners are polished to a mirror finish. No light can escape from the black paint of the cars bodywork.

    Shot of hummer door opening and a guchi lofer touching down on a gravel path, pan up to Horatio's face as he puts on a pair of 80's style sunglasses, despite it being still quite dark.

    Ski walks into frame with a ridicilously large camera.

    Horatio: What have we got Skee?

    Skee: Looks like a murder...

    Horatio looks at Skee in silence and raises an eyebrow, Skee beams increduosuly. Horatio walks towards and off camera and out of focus, Skee takes a picture of Horatio's bum as he walks away and raises an eyebrow.

    Pan shot of the forest as Horatio moves towrads the crime scene. The pathologist is putting her tools back in a case on the ground. Horatio stands over the pathologist, puts his hands on his hips, tilts his head and says nothing for a few seconds. Despite this being a murder scene nobody is wearing clean clothes of any description, in fact the pathologist is caked in make-up and is wearing earings, the stench of dry martinis reeks from her pores.

    Horatio: What have we got Gina?

    Gina: Looks like murder Horatio..

    Horatio scowls. Keeping his hands on his hips he tilts his head to get a better view of the victim, its a male mid twenties impaled to a tree with a metal bar. Skee takes a photo of the body, picks his nose and glances into the camera. The shot pans away from him quickly and refocuses on Horatio.

    Horatio: Time of death?

    Gina gets to her feet and the two walk towards the body.

    Gina: About six hours ago, some local hikers found the body.

    They reach the body and stop to stare, in the background Skee is taking a picture of his hand.

    Gina reaches forward and grabs the victims crotch.

    Gina: You are too young to be impaled to a tree sweetie, I just dont get it Horatio.

    Horatio: You may not get the point...

    The camera moves to a behind the tree shot and focuses on the blood stained bar protuding from the rear of the tree.

    Horatio: ... but he did.

    Queue credits.

  • its Miami or nothing for me... What a legend..."time is ticking, and we have a sinking crime scene".

    "Alright, be on the lookout for an Eastern European male with bad teeth who may have access to an ape"

    Horatio Caine: Mm-hmm. Town car, tinted windows, take a guess.
    Detective John Hagen: Fan-belt inspectors?
    Horatio Caine: Nope. U.S. Marshals witness protection baby-sitters.

    or my favourite "When you have everything, sometimes it feels like nothing. "

  • Not a legend and will never be a legend........ A Muppet and if you worked with him you'd have bitch slapped him so hard!!!!!!!!!!

  • if you worked with him you'd have bitch slapped him so hard!!!!!!!!!!

    do tell......................... :cool:

  • This post has been deleted.

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  • Excellent!

    Anyone remember Caruso in Rambo? His acting hasn't changed much!!!

  • I just love the way he doesn't make eye contact with the person he's talking to until the last word of the sentence...

    'When you play with fire, it's not always you that gets...

    *lifts head to look them in the eye*

    ... burned'

    Heh heh.

    He does it all the time. However, I've seen David Caruso in other films, and he doesn't do it, which means he has deliberately added it for this role! :)


  • Cunny-Funt wrote:

    all the head tilting and stuff is great in that, pretty funny.

  • the way he stands into you like his back's done in.

    I think he must have gone to the same classes as the Loo-tenant in Miami Vice. (Co-incidence, eh?)