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August Bank Holiday Sunday with Chicken Lips (DJ Set) Official Mixed Salad Afterparty

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    The DJing skill behind UK outfit Chicken Lips is back in Dublin as Crash Bingo's first guest at their Sunday soiree in Rogue on Dame Street. Known for their dubby, spacey and downright dirty house sound, they are also responsible for penning dance classic Playing with knives by Bizarre Inc. which makes them alright in our book. Steve will be joined on the night by resident CrashBingo DJs Al Keegan and John Mahon and in the bar Airport resident Mano alonside Mark Allton.

    This gig will be a feeder gig of sorts from Al Keegan's all day outdoor 'Mixed Salad' session in McGruders lovely beer garden on Thomas Street which takes place earlier that day from 1 o clock.

    As its the last of this summers bank holiday weekends, Its sure be be a cracker! Do u hope u will join us!

    STEVE KOTEY (Chicken Lips)
    + Al Keegan & John Mahon
    Upstairs: Mano & Mark Alton

    Bank Holiday Sunday 6th August 2006

    64 Dame Street
    Dublin 2

    Doors 10pm // Admission €10