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Accommodation In castlebar/westport

  • 26-07-2006 10:22am
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    Moving back to castlebar/westport so with this in mind bought the connaught people to have a look.... needless to say there wast much in it ! the couple I did ring were all gone .So anyone know of anything going ? looking for a double en suite .....(not pickey at all !!:p )


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    What exactly is it you're looking for? House / Apt? where? To rent / To buy?

    I might be able to help out depending on the answers above!

    BTW the paper you should have been looking in is the Connaught Telegraph or Mayo News.


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    Yep .... connaught telegraph !!
    looking basically for a room in a house round castlebar

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    Hi Homer,

    Thanks for coming back. I have a house soon available to rent in the C/bar area and I just thought it might suit when I read your thread. Sorry. Its 4 bed!

    I'm surprised there wasn't something in the CT. Usually full of accommodation to rent. You could try the Western People which is out today (tuesday), also the Mayo echo (the free paper). The Connaught Telegraph and Mayo news are out again tomorrow.

    You could try another thing I used to do when I rented in Dublin.....put your own advert in the paper looking for a place to rent. It always worked for me. Best of luck with it.