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Maximum Joy Present UTER & CAP PAS CAP - 28/07

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    Maximum Joy Present UTER & CAP PAS CAP - 28/07

    MAXIMUM JOY – Friday 28th July
    UTER (Optimo's OSCarr Label)
    & Maximum Joy DJ's

    30-32 Westland Row, D2
    Doors 9:30pm til late, €8


    Glasgow based Uter, play electronic noise-pop in a lo-fi style. Formed by Declan Roney, they have been playing live in their present form for around two years. In 2004 ‘Tomorrow's Clowns’, a 4 track 12" on OSCarr (run by the uber hip Optimo club) was released to acclaim with comparisons to Kraftwerk, MBV, Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order ringing in their ears.

    Listen at

    Cap Pas Cap make challenging experimental pop music drawing on extremely varied influences, with press making noted comparisons to The Rapture, Animal Collective, The Fall, Magazine and The Slits amongst many others. Currently in the studio, they will release their first recordings later in the year.

    Listen at

    Many Thanks,
    Maximum Joy Team

    Future Maximum Joy events:
    11th August - Padded Cell (DC Recordings)
    25th August - 10LEC6 (Troubleman Unlimited) // Cyril Briscoe (SiSi & 110th Street)
    22nd September - Imitation Electric Piano (Duophonic)
    20th October - Steeple Remove // Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space/ DFA)