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  • 28-04-2006 9:15am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 4 ReClaim

    Hi Everyone...I'm new to boards but I see some familiar names here.

    I'm Graham, bassist in ReClaim. (check this out for latest news/giglistings)

    We are a Dublin rock trio....influences Jeff Buckley, Rush, U2, King Crimson, Genesis, Audioslave, Tool, Kate Bush, Strawberry Switchblade, Steve Reich....

    We've been playing around Dublin for the last year now branching out nationwide and hopefully beyond!

    We're currently in the advanced stages of producing an EP....

    We are playing a full electric set tomorrow Saturday 29th April in one of our favourite venues in The Boom Boom Room.

    ( )

    Doors open at 9pm, admission is 6 euro

    Corona will be our special guests. These guys are a quality act (good songwriting/semi-acoustic rock?) Over the last year we have seen them become a musical force to be reckoned with. They have a quality EP and it's our pleasure to have them on before us.

    Check them out at

    (The boom boom room is located on Parnell St., Dublin, upstairs
    above Conway's pub, beside the new Jury's hotel).

    See you there! And I look forward to talking to as many of you here as I can

    Graham from ReClaim