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Larch Hill



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    Spent a very lovely weekend in Larch Hill last week, hadn't been there in too long! We even had sunshine for Saturday and only a small rain shower on the Sunday moning. The place looks great -we were in potato field and the new activity equipment is fun - our kids got very muddy and loved it! Can't wait to go back again.

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    Thaedydal wrote: »
    The mid night hike up to the hell fire club...

    We weren't allowed to do that. :(

    We did most of our camping in Leixlip. Good ol' Dessie Guinness gave access to the scouts to the Obelisk.
    The story was that if you walked around it at midnight saying the lord's prayer backward, that the devil would appear.
    It doesn't work.

    I still have good memories of Larch Hill though. Most are those you had to be there type stories though.

    Hmm. 21 years ago. I'm old.

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    Ah Larch Hill, that place has some memories. Was in the scouts for about 5years, until i was about 17. Great craic up there. Remember about 4 or 5 of us went up on our own one weekend, savage weather, and someone had cleared out the outdoor pool, or at least we thought they had. All of us in the pool, when one of the lads got out, and noticed little insects stuck to his skin. Feckin leaches all over us. Was class though, midnight hikes, the messing ye'd get up to. Heard that one about the nurse alright, the ghost sighting's down by the tomb, and down by the field they used for the Regional shield.

    Has anyone been up there recently, would love to go back up just to see how it looks. Is it open to the public, or would ye have to find your old woggle and neckerchief?

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    I was on one of my many days out in Wicklow and realized I was near this place and decided to drop over, I had herself with me and delighted to show her it.

    I used to be in the 109Th Corduff group and have many great memories up there, even when I went back as a Cub leader and the last time to help on a midnight hike and ended up doing the hike.
    • Being in the field beside the carpark alot and the chipper driving up the field to deliver to us
    • Some old man we called the beardy fella(staff I think)who never talked
    • The famous sweet shop
    • Putting people in tractor tyres and pushing them down a hill, the farmer across the river wasn’t best pleased when it hit his fence
    • The campfire at night
    • Going to mass in the shed
    • Sheep and their leavings everywhere
    • The famous blue lady etc stories(was reminded of some picture in the check in office that keeps falling down) and how we didnt sleep after it
    • Having to walk to the fork in the road to get the bus home(also remember being chased by dogs just outside the entrance)

    Other stories involving burnt sausages/dodgy food, cans in a bag in the river and hiding them at the camp-fire, visiting the pub down the road and all other messing that didn’t happen ;)

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    Larch Hill,

    Went up there for different reason's to Scouting, use to cycle up there everyday for 6 months on a Federations of Irish cyclist/Fas course,

    Some damage was done cycling back down in the evenings.

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    Hill 98' was my first proper camping trip.. was great fun and well organized ..
    used to love the campfires..

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