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Finger tappin

  • 18-11-2005 8:09pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 414 ✭✭ Duff_Man

    iv beign curious about this technique for a while and i dont know exactly what it is or how ya do it!......can anyone give me a rough idea?


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    The basic idea is to hammer on and pull off at a point beyonf the reach of your left hand. An example would be if one wanted to pull off from the 12th, to the fifth, to the third. One would strike the string, on the 12th fret, quite sharply, with one's right hand, to sound the string, as you take the finger of your right hand off the string, pull off from the fifth to the third. It's just a question of hitting accurately and sharply with the right hand and timing yourself well to pull off the other notes. Practice makes perfect. ;)