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[Article] Ex-Chess Champion Fischer Arrested in Japan

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    Ex-Chess Champion Fischer Arrested in Japan, May Be Deported
    July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bobby Fischer, the former world chess champion wanted in the U.S. on charges of violating a ban on travel to Yugoslavia in 1992, is under arrest in Japan and may be deported, an immigration officer said.

    Fischer is being investigated under Japanese immigration law and may be sent to the U.S. or another country, said Yoji Koga, a spokesman for the Narita International Airport immigration office. He declined to give further details, including when Fischer arrived or why he was detained.

    Fischer arrived Tokyo this week after shuttling between several countries in order to avoid arrest, the Washington Post reported earlier, citing U.S. immigration officials.

    The only American ever to hold the world chess title, Fischer was indicted by a grand jury in Washington in 1992 on charges of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act by flying to Yugoslavia to play Boris Spassky in a chess match, the report said.

    U.S. citizens were at that time forbidden to get involved in business or commercial activities with Yugoslavia, because of its actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it said.

    Fischer's passport was canceled by U.S. authorities after they learned he'd acquired a 90-day visa to visit Japan, the Post said.


  • just reading tru all of the replies there.....em...not many people like chess anymore these days. What a pitty cause its a great game

  • The relentless grinding of computers seems to make this less attractive than it was a few years ago. A while back there was a good chess community playing on the internet (ICC, FICS etc), but there's too much cheating now imo.


  • Whatever happened to the old fashioned method of using a physical chess set?

  • john2 -> gathering dust in many livingrooms i imagine.

    i tried haveing a game here a few months ago. didnt work cause the opponent gave up (well dissapeared) 6 moves in.

    ambasite -> mr fischler has renounced his US citizenship. he's still wanted by US athorties but he now "Stateless" and as such his people are trying to register him as a refugee.