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Severe Weather Warning [Heavy rain]

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    From Met Éireann ( ):

    Issued at 12:45 Friday, 28-Nov-03

    General Information: Some rain likely today and early tonight, this mostly light, but a period of very wet weather is expected overnight and during Saturday. It will be windy also.

    A wave depression is approaching Ireland and will develop further later tonight and in the morning as it passes in over Ireland travelling Northeast towards Scotland.
    Its exact track is uncertain, but it is likely to make landfall somewhere on the South Coast between 0600 and 1200 tomorrow morning . Windy , but more significantly very wet weather is expected from it.

    Text of Warning :
    Valid 1800 Friday 28th To 1800 Saturday 29th

    Some rain likely today and early tonight, but a period of windy and very wet weather is expected tonight and for a time Saturday.
    Between 30 and 40 mm of rain is expected and there is risk that totals may be up to 50 mm .
    The heaviest period of rain is likely to be between 0000 and 1500 Saturday.

    Local High Tides may also exacerbate conditions in some Counties.