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Russian Railways Pocket Watch.

  • 05-10-2003 6:00pm
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    Time to get this forum rolling. Heres a watch I received about 10 years ago off an opera singer in Dalkey. I know next to nothing about the watch other than it was used as a timekeeper on the railways somewhere in Russia. It was working fine up until about a month ago but now it's become a unreliable as it keeps stopping and starting. Does anybody know where I might get it fixed and if it's worth anything? Again I have no idea, it could be a worthless piece of junk or it could be quite valuable. The front of the watch has "Made in USSR" just visible at the very bottom and the symbol of some railway company in the centre. Other text on the face is Diamant and 18 rubis, I have no idea what these mean though.


    Train design on the back:


    Another shot:



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    well i got a russian pocket watch from the collectors den in georges st market, Mine is briste too, but only due to my mis-handling.
    anyway, i think he might be able to do minor repairs, or else point you in the direction of a pro...
    he has some nice stuff there actually, if not a bit pricey


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    Re; Russian watches;

    As far as I am aware, Russian "mechanical mechanism" watches are in high demand, working or not.

    It is probably worth a lot more than you might think. If it was me, I would have it properly valued, by an antique dealer or reputable auction house. A valuation fee is usually involved, but an accredited written valuation is important.

    Any other type of valuation, is worthless!.

    Good luck.


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    A friend of my family fixes watches for a living and he is very good at it, and at very reasonable prices, bring it to him direct, rather than going through a jewellers (they bring their stuff to him anyway and then charge a hefty markup I should imagine).

    He lives quite close to harmonstown Dart station, it you need to get to him. I will PM you his contact details if you like, and you can explain your situation and work it out with him.

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    That sounds great, thanks.