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Are we living in a society run by FEAR!

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    what about this for a topic??
    we live today where our lives are dominated by fear
    Things that are just bred into if you dont do well in school ure a bum for life
    and things which the media projects if u have a small penis(anything below 9in) they ure crap in bed and need our pills
    the girls wont like u if have spots take our cream
    and then theres the government if we do not attack we will be attacked


  • You're wrong.

  • i agree that we are living in a society run by fear.

    but this is nothing compared to the patronisation that occoured 30 or 40 years ago in ireland when it was the catholic church who aet the fear into our souls. they said that God would have vengance on our souls if we were not devout catholics. they said that we were not going to go to heaven if we were not devout catholics. basically we were not good people if we were not devout catholics and if our only dedication in the world was to be anything it was to be to the church and if it was not we were bad bad people.

    today we live in a different type of fear. we live in fear that when we venture in the town late at night that we dont know what will happen. we are constantly thinking will i get beaten up or will i get robbed or will this happen or will that happen. that is the fear which overlords society and casts a shadow over everything and everyone. the fear that runs society today is a self-manufactured fear and based in hear say or in some cases experiences.

    in conclusion i agree that we are living in a society run by fear but it is a different type of fear and it will not be solved until we get the power to accuratley predict into the future and see what will happen and then have the power to change it.

    thank you.

    Diarmuid O Meara

  • Sssh, don't talk about being oppressed through fear, or we'll get banned ;)

  • yes there is the self manufactured fear and there is the fear of De-Vore Skull F ucking us. two totally different thing,

  • Thomas you are correct.

    Watch "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore.
    This movie applies to the US but we're definatley following their gimps on a leash...(a little harsh maybe :D )

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  • We are not "LIVING in a society run by FEAR!".

    However, we are living in a society populated by citizens who are totally pre- occupied with irrational FEARS.

    Life should be lived, those who think they have some authority over the lives of others, should be constantly challenged.

    You were born to live, life is a gift, if you live in fear, you are not living. We are born and we sure as hell are going to die. What happens in between is called living.

    Throw all fear aside, and jump fearlessly, in to the river of life.


  • Shockingly I agree with Paddy 20! :)

    The only thing to fear is fear itself, but in this day and age you've got professional fear-meisters like Michael Moore running round geting rich by telling the gullible that they have plenty to fear.

    Wise up kids - Moore and co are no more out to give you helping hand through life than those they attack.


  • Anybody see G. Bush's annual Columbus Day speech? I only caught the end of it, but 2+ years on and we still must never forget September 11 and must still be prepared for heroic sacrifices etc. etc... god bless you all.

    Society's fears seem to be a tool to these people. Something that can be used to get the job done quicker. Guantanamo Bay? The 'liberation' of Iraq... better act quick! We could all be dead in 45 minutes!!

    So am I afraid? Not particularly, I'm right here right now and have food to eat and a bed to sleep in. Best planet I've been on yet. But I don't run society - the people that do seem to be making damn sure there's enough fear in the world that no one dares question their actions.
    . the fear that runs society today is a self-manufactured fear

    I don't think it's a self-manufactured fear. Fear of things such as too many spots or not a cool enough mobile phone is down to media imo. People need to turn off the TV and get out more.

  • I agree fear is brought on by the person that is victim to it but can it really be helped when we turn of the tv to see crime reports read the newspaper to read of crime in dub increases! so who really lives without fear, who really goes through a day with out worries!!

  • Why anyone deliberately sits through depressing TV programmes of any type is beyond me. As for newspapers, I stopped buying those many years ago, and thank heavens I did.

    I have now reached the conclusion that most people like being miserable, and have really forgotten how to be truly happy.

    P.:ninja: ;)

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  • The level of apathy in the developed world with regards to how our society actually functions is getting out of hand imo.

    I think you'll find that most people don't actually like being miserable, or frightened.

  • I think you'll find that most people don't actually like being miserable, or frightened.

    True but generally people don't have a choice.
    To be frightened something has to cause it. Some experience; a muggung, a beating, intimidation etc.
    The key is to stand up to this fear! And i'm sure there is no feeling like it "I'm not scared anymore!".
    Those words/that attitude will disarm most bullies in this world!
    But you can't feel that unless you've once been afraid of something!

    Overall I think this society likes to complain about things. We were an oppressed nation for many years. No we've moved on but we still need reason to complain. You'll find that most people who complain never do anything about it. It just seems the crap we worry about is insignificant to what other people on this planet have to face every day! I think we have a lot to be thankful for! So less complaining and lets get busy living!