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If you have a query about your account that can't be answered in our Help Desk forum, please get in touch.

Some frequent queries

How do I post a thread?

To post a new thread, find the forum you want to post in. You can use to do so.

In the forum, you'll see this button New thread in the top left. Just click on that and type away.

For more help visit this thread and this forum.

I can't access my account.

If you need a new password, you can request one here.

If you can't log in, please contact us using the form below with your username.

How do I report a post?

Please click on the Report Post button (Report post button) on the bottom left of the individual post in question (under the name of the member that posted it).

How do I change my username?

Username changes are only available to subscribers. For more details, see this thread.

Someone has posted about me or my company.

Firstly, you should report the thread to bring it to a moderator's attention.

If you don't have a account, please contact us using the form below.

Before you contact us, you should consider:

  1. Is the post true? Unless a post is deliberately untrue with the intention to mislead or harm your reputation, we will not remove it.
  2. Is it based on experience or opinion? If it is either, it's probably better to clarify the issue with the poster.
  3. Is it misleading? If it contains wrong information, please let us know.

For more details please visit

Can I post about my survey / event / company / charity? is funded by advertising. We charge for this. Please respect our site and users by contacting us if you wish to advertise.

Please use to contact our sales team.

All media requests can be made in this forum.

All research and survey request can be made in this forum.

All other queries