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what sort of dog should I get.

My folks and my inlaws both have golden retrievers whom I adore and I haven't been given the go ahead to get a dog of my own yet(but I will get my own way) but when I do, what sort should I get. I don't think our garden is big enough for a retriever/labrador type and the house is too small for one too. Ideally I'd like the dog to have his own house/compound outside.
No kids (yet) so itd have to be happy with just adult attention and lots of beach walkies.

So in your opinions what type of dog would suit me (us!)?

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The Pooch Picker

Basically a series of questions (tests) to see what type of dog would suit you best.

Some more links:

Something average size, like a beagle, or something cute and small like a Jack Russell? What kind of excercise (and how often) can you give the dog? Is it just you and your significant other in the house?
Some of those sites should be able to offer you some tips and suggestions on different breeds.

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excellent thanks, I'll check out some of those links!

then I better twist hubbies arm into letting me have a doggie of my own!

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I am biased, but I always recommend West Highland Terriers. Great personality, small enough for a house or small garden and little required care wise. There no problems them living outdoors too. We have had ours for nine years and he lives outdoors with no bothers, cept at night when he sleeps in the garage. Be careful though about possible skin problems. The breed's renowned for them.


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Did you have any luck convincing the hubby? Did you get a pooch after all?

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no unfortunately not yet, he reckons I'm not getting one until I am home more often to give it the care and attention it would need (and the walks)

I've got visitation rights with my parents dog so at least I'm not totally undogged!

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Dogs do go a bit unbalanced if alone all day.

We had a neighbour who refused to beleive his dog howled all day.

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I can HIGHLY recomend 2 breeds, a Pom and a JRT.

Sounds to me tho' like ur best bet would be a female JRT (Jack russel terrier).....

My advice is go for a small one, the rule with jrt is the smaller the dog, the bigger the personality. And female because they seem to have less of a hard time adapting to others dogs and are a bit more placid and easy going than the males (also a lot easier to house train IMHO)

You will be very surprised at just how downright intelligent a Jack russell terrier can be, our little girl, learns things just by seeing us do them once (no kidding), even when we aint trying to teach her lolol (which is why we had to replace a brand new wheel on my chair she had see us put on the day before, we made the mistake of letting her see us take the other one off, and she wanted to try doing what we did while we slept lolol )

Good Luck!


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