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new irish forum site.

a mate has just this week set it up to go with his photo hobby.

later dudes and dudettes

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The lens I bought from a Hong Kong dealer came with a MACK extended warranty, so on the face of it it would seem safe enough.

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I've wanted to upgrade my old Canon 300d but haven't had the money to buy new. I ended up financing a new 30D with the 18-55mm lens. I got it on 12 months interest free at Harvey Norman. It might not have been the cheapest price around but who cares when I can pay it off over a year.

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another great comment for gunns on wexford street, got a new lowepro camera bag in there for €155, the same one in conns was €199

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If anyone is looking for OLD B&W (Non C41)processing The Camera Exchange on Georges Street does it.
Lovely stuff for me and my obsession with APX100 ;p

Roen Registered User

A guide on Bay advising to be wary when places in Hong Kong advertise as having 'NO VAT'.
Personally I've never paid any VAT on anything I've brought in, I just hope I'm not tempting fate

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Irish stock photography and prints...


In case anyone is thinking of buying from ny-camera who are mentioned at the start of this thread (now called digital wonderworld & the ny-camera url re-directs there ) you should definitely check this out :



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#100 is a GREAT newsletter!

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I'm thinking of buying a Canon EOS 350D camera but am looking to buy somewhere in Cork or online (not sure which) anyone have any recommendations?

corkimp Registered User

It's ok - best I could find in cork was The Digital camera Centre. Getting a canon 350D with 18-55mm lens, 55 - 200mm lens, a carry bag, 1GB card and battery grip - all for €1300 - probably expensive but .... so is alot of things.

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all for €1300 - probably expensive but .... so is alot of things.

Isn't that what keeps this ol' money grabbing country of ours going? Pay twice what it is worth and we'll keep being ripped off Try E_Bay for God's sake and shag the gob****es.

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Couldnt recommend this guy any more.

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anyone have a good place to buy batteries for a Sony H2 online from Ireland or UK? They are difficult to find and expansys want 36 yo yos for two sets.. Bit much methinks..

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