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Does anyone know what it might cost to have someone with a tractor cut the grass of an acre field?

I've been looking at a few country houses, so I just wondered what it might cost to have the grass cut.

It would be in Co.Cork or Kerry, if it makes any difference.

Thanks for any advice.

Clintons Cat Registered User

get yourself one of those mini tractor mowers for about 500 eu second hand,they are good fun and easy to maintain.

Victor Registered User

Get a sheep!

MazyMo Registered User

Thanks Guys.

I wonder what size of field would become too big for one of those mini tractor mowers?

If the field was 2 acres instead of 1 acre would it start to become a hassle rather than enjoyable?

Sheep? Hadn't really thought about a sheep (or a goat I suppose).

Haven't a clue what's involved in looking after a sheep or goat, or how many would be needed for an acre.

But; it's a thought.

Victor Registered User

How about doing you bit for the environment and planting soem mixed trees? All it means is thinning them out every few years, with no having to cut them every 2 weeks?

MazyMo Registered User

That's a thought too.

Doesn't some government department help finance the planting and/or pay a certain amount each year to those who plant a certain amount of certain types of trees?

Though maybe it has to be a good few acres.

I think the trees are then harvested after a few decades.

I've heard something about this.

Know anything about this?

Victor Registered User

Originally posted by MazyMo
Doesn't some government department help finance the planting and/or pay a certain amount each year to those who plant a certain amount of certain types of trees?

MazyMo Registered User

Thanks for this Victor.

It's appreciated.

commuterised Registered User

My house is on an acre. Now the acre isn't totally grass cos the house is on a bit and then there's the driveway but there's a fair amount of grass there. My husband's job is the grass and he just uses a petrol lawnmower. It takes a good day to cut it but he sees it as his excersize! If you have the money to spend by all means buy a ride on mower but it can be done with a normal one too (not a flymo or anything flimsy like that though!!)

PH01 Registered User

Don't you have to be a registered farmer to qualify for this benefit?

Also, an acre of grass is quite big for a lawn, especially when has to be cut every two weeks in the summer.
If you just want to keep it under some kind of control then 3 times during the growing season should be enough - ask a local farmer who has a mower to give you a quote.

MazyMo Registered User

Hi commuterised,

You must have a fit husband!

Does he cut the acre once a year only?

Slightly longer grass usually doesn't look just as bad on an acre than it does on a more "normal" sized garden.

daveg Registered User

Having just had our grounds done (don't get me started on the cost) I have to buy a ride on mower. We have a 1/2 acre site. I've looked through broachers and such and you should have no hasstle getting a ride on to cut an acre. It'll cost ya though.

MazyMo Registered User


I know you said not to get you started on the cost......

But, can I ask? How much did it cost for half an acre?

I had been thinking about the ride-on mower's. "Clintons Cat" said earlier that I could possibly get a 2nd hand one for Eu 500.

Maybe I could get a 2nd hand one at a good price if you looked for on in winter.

Victor Registered User

There are also, whats the word, powered mowers which you use like an ordinary domestic mower, but you don't have to push.

daveg Registered User

MazyMo when I said don't get me started about the cost I was refering to getting the grounds levelled (with a JCB) and power rotavated/raked/rolled and seeded. This in total cost us nearly €4,000.

For a ride on lawnmower which will cut up to an acre your talking about €2,500 new. I'm sure you can pick them up second hand but if you buy a new one, service it regulary and look after it, it should last years. I'm no expert though. Just shopping around like yourself. If you happen to be in the Galway region let me know as there is a very good lawn mower sales company in Moylough. I can let you have their number. Also I would be warey about getting a tractor to cut it as it would ruin your lawn (I would imagine).

FFS €7,000 just for some grass. Should have tarmacked the whole lot

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