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NOTE: As per the forum announcement, there is a special crackdown in place on the Commuting and Transport forum, including the Bus Enthusiast and Train & Rail Systems subforums

Posters are also advised to read the "How To Be A Better Poster" and the " Guidelines" pages of -- as with this charter, you will be required to follow the rules even if you don't read them.

What this forum is for
This purpose of this board is to discuss matters related to various forms of transport. This includes current systems, structures and service and planned developments within this field.

Walking, cycling, motorcycles, bus (public and private), tram / Luas, train, taxis, car commuting and goods transport are all acceptable topics. Air, airport and sea / ferry services (within and to/from Ireland) are also acceptable topics.

Transport community announcements (subject to advertising / spam rules), general discussion (serious and not so serious) and relevant humour are all welcome. Issues relating to holidays, passports and visas should be posted on the Travel forum.

Disruptive posting is not permitted. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • The use of multiple accounts
  • Posting of spamming, commercial messages, multiple posts on the same topic, creating multiple threads on the same topic and and anything that makes it difficult for users to read the board, including, but not limited to oversized images, non-standard text or fonts (unless there is a particular reason) or use of txt spk.
  • Personal attacks / focus: You are free to attack the content of other poster's posts and it is fine to disagree with someone's viewpoint and debate it. However, it is not permitted to attack the poster's personality, background or any other irrelevant aspect (including what transport they use or how they pay for public transport). Such posts will be removed and you way be warned, infracted or banned from the forum for doing so.
  • Deliberately posting in an inflammatory or derogatory manner in order to create a disturbance (commonly known as "trolling").
  • Posts which include defamatory material, incitement of hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism or violence.
  • Assigning derogatory nick-names to those who disagree with you, or participate in a hobby or interest which is not to your taste.
  • Replying to or discussing moderation in threads (see note below).

Discussion of Moderation
It's important to note, if you have an issue with a moderation decision, that you don't question or discuss it on-thread.

Doing this will inevitably drag the thread off-topic which is unfair to the original poster and other users. Users who question or discuss mod instructions on-thread will be infracted or banned as necessary. If you have issues with a post or a thread, please use the Report Post function to let us know.

All you have to do is press this button beside each post - - and we will look at it.

Things that shouldn’t be posted include:

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Right good folks of C&T, this is an announcement.

Frankly, the behaviour of many folks on this forum of late has been far less than the standard of posting we desire, and indeed expect of people who frequent here.

As a Mod of this forum, I'm saying that this will not stand from this point on. As a site Admin, I'm saying that things are going to get tough on this forum from here on in, and do not be surprised if you get severely sanctioned for not posting within the rules.

One of the basic tenets of the site is "Don't be a dick". Civility is not just a desirable trait here, it is a pre-requisite to you being allowed to post. To borrow and tweak an old idiom, posting here is a privilege, not a right. We will revoke that privilege to those who feel rules do not apply to them.

Check out the forum charter.

Be respectful. You can have differences of opinions, but differences do not mean free reign to denigrate, troll for responses or make crass generalisations.

This is a forum, which is (purportedly) frequented by grown adults. Grown adults are capable of reasoned discussion about a range of topics without behaving like primary school children in a playground.

Let's make this place where alternative viewpoints aren't vilified, but challenged with well constructed, respectful counterpoints. If you can't manage that, then I would suggest you refrain from posting. If you do post, and ignore the charter and basic rules of the site, do not expect much sympathy.

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