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There are certain words that sound cool and also are filled with meaning. Some of these words catually make you go mmmmmm yeah thats a great word isn't it.

What are peoples favourite words that they love hearing and using ?

I bet theres a word out there to describe these words.

Amz Registered User

i like "Batteries Included" but then I may be getting the point to this thread wrong.....

'Coz that's kind of a phrase at this stage....

I'll correct it if it's wrong.....

Gordon Administrator

Thrum. Especially when mixed with 'thumb'. I'm thrumming my thumbs in anticipation to when you will make me come.

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Originally posted by yellum
I bet theres a word out there to describe these words.

and if there isn't there ahould be!

like "Verbtastic" , "Verbtacular" or "Verobosic".

pickarooney Moderator

Has anyone ever used the wikipedia ?
If a word doesn't exist, and you think it should, you can just add it, like I did with quorange.

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Clintons Cat Registered User

Soliloquy and Dissolute

I dont know why but the combination reminds me of The Novel "An Artist of the Floating World."by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Dun Registered User

Onomatopoeia - don't get to use it too often though. Apart from that, there's stocious which I get to use too often.

Amz Registered User

Proprioception: Muscle Memory, a series of events within the body which take place while performing an action whcih create channels/links between the muscles/muscle groups used creating the most efficeint pathway for future performance of the action hehe! i should find a simpler definition really.....

Bioenergetics: The energy created within the body/in muscles through chemical actions/reactions

Praetorian Registered User

Amicably - Characterized by or exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; friendly

Personification - Artistic representation of an abstract quality or idea as a person

It might not be a bad idea to explain what your words mean.

Amz Registered User

They've been explained ill try and find a more concise definition of them later but i have to study to do that..... which we know aint going to happen.....

Procrastinate..... hmmm.... looking up a definition of that might help me waste time instead of doing something constructive

I can feel myself moviing closer to being banned...... meep!

CuLT Pro-fessional. Anti-oxidant.

mmm, innuendo... what a delicious word.

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Macseamusa Registered User

crumble..something about that word that just makes me want to eat apples

Kell Registered User

My fav has always been promiscuous. Oh, that and sheep, the latter being a truly funny word.

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