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Can anyone help me find info on LAN gaming in Ireland, mainly in Cork?
I love half-life and i'd love to play against someone else, but I've no net access worth talking about.
If anyone from webworks reads this, it's sparrow.


Eh, the Internet Exchange opened about a month ago, it's got like 55 PCs, but the main gaming area consists of about 25. They're all PIII 850's with 256MB RAM, the graphics cards vary. The gaming is mostly CS orientated, but there's Q3 and UT and stuff at your disposal too.

Myself and BGA organied an allnighter a few weeks back, and I should be doing more of these in the future, if you mail me ( ) I'll stick you on a mailing list and keep you informed of future events.

As for getting to the place, it's off the Western Road, next door to the Thirsty Scholar pub and behind Maltings.

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