Clamor Registered User

Has anyone downloaded the 600Mb beta of this.

adnans Registered User

i didnt have good experience with beta 3 version cause it was buggy as hell on my pc. im sure when i get my internet connection Ill play it again.


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Hobbes Registered User

There is no point downloading the BETA unless you were invited into it and recieved your activation code. Otherwise your just wasting download time.

Clamor Registered User

Yhea got the code. Anyway, think I'll down load it at work and burn it tommorow.

Shiminay Moderator

Is it just me or does 600 Megs of a download not seem a bit unreasonable?

You'd think they'd burn some CDs and post them out to people!

All the best!
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irishguy Registered User

what is Anarchy Online ?and where can i get it? 600mb aint unreasonable when u have a 512k modem hahaha

Draco Subscriber

50% through the download.
And your 512K connect will mean bugger all - the ftp servers are swamped.

adnans Registered User

what hobbes said, you do need the activation code which was sent from Funcom to all the beta testers. Otherwise youre wasting your bandwith.

Kharn, they sent out the beta 3 version on cd to all the testers, but since the game fits into the massively multiplayer game genre, i dont think Funcom could afford to send all the players a copy of the new version, or could they?


Straker Registered User

Horray! I got on the B4 test. Has anyone completed d/l'd the 600mb beta, yet? If so... I'd definitely pay to get it burnt, and posted. In the meantime I'll just continue d/l'ing it. Thx.

irishguy Registered User

the servers aint swamped i am getting 140k d/l per sec .any 1 who wants it ill send them a copy could any 1 give me the activation code plez

Clamor Registered User

Just got it downloaded. need to find a blank cd and bring it home with me. Ahh it can wait till next week.


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by irishguy:
i got to 599mbs and ran out of h/d space how bad is that? </font>

It's not bad, it's highly amusing

Kairo Registered User

I went ahead to Fileplanet and got them to post out the CD to me..but by the time it arrives ill probably have like, 3 days of use in beta...

Oh woe is me..

Draco Subscriber

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by irishguy:
the servers aint swamped i am getting 140k d/l per sec
They were when it was first announced. I'm sitting on a 10meg line I was peaking at 30K. I tried most of the servers and they were all slow. It's probably fast now that most of the people got it.

irishguy Registered User

10 mb line!!!! plez tell me ur not at home
and i used a german server. i got to 599mbs and ran out of h/d space how bad is that?

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