Heres the mp3's I promised after the Radio Anna Livia Interview last thurs....
The second part of the interview will be ready tonight but as for now, the first part is ready for d/l.
Also included are the Pat Kenny Interview of Andrew Conlan Trant, which I know some ppl wanted to hear because alot of you missed it- since it was the day after the infamous letter was received.

You can find the Mp3 Index here...

If there are any broken links please let me know....



BNC Guest

They all seem to be working . Fair play. I missed these the first time round. thanks


The one of your letter fades out before Pat finishes reading it.

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chernobyl Guest

i feel sorry for ACT, pat kenny obviously does not understand the current LLU situation and £ircon's current monopoly, and therefore did not argue our side very well.
ex nolimist customer here

Ashley...if only

Ashley Lyn Cafagna


Thanks for pointing out the broken link chernobyl- I'm working to rectify it now.

As I write this I'm uploading the 2nd half of the Elana-Radio Anna Livia Interview- so I'll post the link back up here soon.

BTW, in all fairness to Pat Kenny it was the immediate day following the letter and I dont think the general public was clued into the whole situation (myself included). I do think the grilling was a bit reactionary but he was only echoing the views of the callers. Although he didn't half hold back!!
[And I thought he was always such a fine wholesome family man!!]



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