As the end draw nears (yes i too have experienced the technical difficluties) let us all ponder this point-

Did you know that Amercia is at such an advanced stage of Interent Usage that there is now a national "Stay Off the Internet" Day-
Yes Indeed!
It falls every year on Thanksgiving!

OH What a prospect, imagine if we could also find ouselves in such a quandry that such overuse of the interent can onset- Perhaps our recent Bank Holiday should have been renamed "National GET ON the Internet Day"-
Oh wait !? We dont need a national holiday for this, because this is going on everyday-

With this, I resign myself to a life less the enjoyment of SNL- While ESAT may only think its 2000 people there cutting off, in fact its whole families far beyond this modest multiple. Hope your satisfied ESAT, Eircom et al....

Goodbye ( as salty tears roll down my cheeks )


ando Guest

I've enjoyed your Comments 80, and other ppl's comments over the last week or so since I joined this forum

It's a pity its coming to an end so early after I joined ...

But I still will be around, although not as frequent as I'll be with Eircom

Cya round m8,

Just keep campaigning for SNL and broadband in Eire



nahdoic Guest

yeah i've enjoyed everyone's comments too. It is great to know we aren't alone, and we aren't unreasonable for wanting unmetered internet access.

Pity we didn't start campaigning sooner, better late than ever i suppose though

I am also just wondering what it will be like, the first day (in about 2 years from now) when we finally get ADSL. Can you imagine it? Going from charging per second 56k access to free 24:7 broadband internet access ... *saliva drippingly good*

It's like a caveman playing around with his newly invented wheel, and then you drive up in your new porsche ....


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ando:

I still will be around, although not as frequent as I'll be with Eircom

Cya round m8,


As pointed out above, I echo this, but obvioulsy my REAL surfing days are numbered- I'll still pop in and out when I can. While they may be cutting me off @ source, the fight aint over by a longshot.

I must say my its great to see ppl bouncing ideas off each other towards a common goal.
all the best ando & others,



hmmm Guest

Why Eircon? There are lots of other ISPs you can use without giving them your custom.

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Having not been in the market for an ISP sin

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