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Quick question for you. Do insurance companies give discounts for being a non-drinker? I was talking to someone on Friday night who said that being a non-drinker entitles you to between 5% and 10% off your premium. So I rang my broker today (my insurance is due at the end of the week) and asked them about it. The girl on the phone said she'd never heard of that before.

So whats the story? Are there Insurance companies out there that give discounts for non-drinkers?

I told a colleague of mine about my call this morning, and he said maybe it was because so many people were telling insurance companies that they were non-drinkers (just to get their premiums down) when in fact they do drink.

Any thoughts on this?

- Dave.

Farls Registered User

Well Quinn Direct don't do any reductions for being a non drinker and i can't think of any company that do, how excactly does your friend prove that he is a non drinker? cuz i don't know any company to be as trust worthy as to take your word for it.

And another thing if you drive your automatically a non drinker. Unless your f*cking scum.



And another thing if you drive your automatically a non drinker.

Very true.

I don't exactly see any Insurance company believing me if I say I'm a non drinker who never speeds and always drives properly.

If they were doing that half the country would never have drunk alcohol, officially speaking.

I'd actually be a bit annoyed if someone who claimed to be a non drinker was getting a premium reduction. Actually, I reckon that someone who doesn't drink is considerably more likely to be on the roads while on nights out, and hence may actually have a higher chance of having an accident

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If you pass the Ignition course with Hibernian, you can get a big reduction. I was quoted 3,300 by Quinn Direct for a 2002 Ibiza 1.2 Litre. I have a full licence 2 years no claim Bonus. As soon as i done the ignition course i got 20% off, then a further 10% for not driving betweem 11pm and 6am. That gave me a quote of 2,100 Euros. I then had my mother put on my policy as named driver, and my policy came down again to 1,750 Euros. I doubled checked that this was correct they said yes becuase my mother makes the policy low risk......


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You could get around 10% reduction in the north for being a non-smoker. A discount for being a non-drinker doesn't sound impossible. I would imagine that if you got it and had an accident and it was proved that you had been drinking at all, your insurance would be invalidated.

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I've seen it asked on some of the online application forms alright, but I don't know if there's any reduction applied.

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couple of years ago i was with pmpa (axa) and got a form off them that had to be signed in a garda station to say i was a non-drinker i got something stupid like 50quid off my insurance dont know if they still do it??


I'd reckon that a lot of the questions about alcohol on forms is hjust data mining.

They may have been trying to colate (admitted) alcohol consumption against accident rates and see if there was a statistically significant difference.

weirdjim Registered User

just gave a quick look at my insurance over the last few years and on one of them

july 1999 abstainers discount 50 pounds

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I checked this out when I got insured for the first time on my own last year, with the director of my local PTAA. She said only AXA have that, she knew of no other.

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