fester Registered User

Has anyone successfully installed Jmagick?

I'm trying to install Jmagick on a windows98 system.

The version i downloaded tells you to type ./configure into the command line. But when i do this it doesn't understand the command: Bad command or file name

Is this only for a unix system or do i need to download something elce that will understand the ./configure command?

Is there any different versions of Jmagick i can download that would make this easier?

Zaltais Registered User

./configure is usually a LINUX / UNIX command, and a quick look at the JMagick page says he's looking for help with a Windows port...

So you may not be able to use it on windows

But I've been using PerlMagick a fair bit lately, and it rocks, so maybe you sould convert to linux

Typedef Registered User

If you have the pertinent libraries installed on a winders machine you 'might' get ImagMagick compiled.

I'd reckon Dev-C++ might have lots of the libraries you need to compile this proggie.

configure is just a script afaik, so umm, really try renaming it to configure.bat... then try configure.bat... and making sure that the Dev-C++\bin directory in in your path and make sure that you specify the Dev-C++\lib path or path(s) if you have MSVC++ present on your system and would like to compile against libs there.

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