yellum Banned

Some guy asked me to name my price for my 20 year old Lego thats in a few bif buscuit tins in the attic. Is old Lego worth cash ? I thought it had to have its original packaging and all that other stuff.

/me wonders maybe is it a fetish thing

ozpass Registered User

I'm not sure, but if you make some serious wedge I'll be crying into my coffee over the half-a-ton I gave away to charity 2 years ago!

Lego have brought out limited edition runs in the past, but I doubt this guy is an actual collector. As you mentioned, collectors would want the packaging that it came in.

I suspect he probably just wants to save a few bob over buying the stuff new. That's one of Lego's coolest features- the fact that the basic components are totally unchanged over the years.

Look it up in the Argos catalogue, knock a fiver off the equivalent new price and he'll probably pay it.

Or, failing that, dig it out of the attic and get building! Your desk would look much cooler with a few lego pen holders/phone stands/book ends etc. etc.

[edit] Or maybe he's a White Stripes fan and wants to make himself a video [/edit]

Lorax Banned

I have tonnes of the stuff if its worth anythin id be a rich man

po0k Registered User

I have a chest full of it, from the early plain bricks(my first ever lego - I was about 3) to technic - got the big red car with the suspension and gear box etc. for christmas a few years back.

Good mstuff

I wouldn't dream of selling it. I intend to pass ti on to my kids when they're old enough.

yellum Banned

Ebay doesn't seem to rate the stuff highly at all, so this guy must be mad !

gonker Registered User

Originally posted by RicardoSmith
wanted the samurai stuff, but I'm too old for all that now aren't I....

never too old


po0k Registered User

hehe, true

I should be messing about with a Lego mindstorms kit in college this year or next.
Once the essential tech bit is out of the way, bring on the defensive lasers, the aeriels and the cokpit with ejector seat and full-featured controls.....
Oh, and rocket boosters....


i would give more money for OLD mecanno [sp] sets. i spent hours of fun building my metal monstrosities

D-Generate Registered User

I have a lego mindstorms kit which i got 2 Christmas's ago :d

Kolodny Registered User

Now I'm wishing I hadn't given most of my lego to my little bro... Some of the pre '80s sets (complete of course) have to be worth a bit eventually.

BeatTun Registered User

i made a lego ashtray about 2 years ago

dunno where its gone now

Gordon Administrator

Anyone else in the lego club?

Gordon Administrator

Don't know if it's still around. I used to be a member of it when I was young (20 years ago). At least I'm fairly sure I was in it.

Am I getting mixed up with the Beano fan club

daveirl Registered User

I was in the Lego Club + Beano. I never joined the Dandy one though, the Beano was way better!!


i made a lego ashtray about 2 years ago

prob melted

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