kiwipilot Registered User

Is anyone naturally "double-jointed" who can do body positions like a contortionist?

azezil Hosted Moderator

i can bend back my thumb!?

/me takes a bow

oeNeo Banned

I can also bend my thumb back! We should join the circus Az.

Gordon Administrator

I can wiggle my thumb in wasy that others cannot, can i join your circus of thumbs?

oeNeo Banned

Perhaps... I'd have to see this thumb wiggling in action though.

Gordon Administrator

well it goes a little like this..

oeNeo Banned

Ah I think a friend of mine can do that aswell..

Yeah sure you can join if you want.

azezil Hosted Moderator

Chowmein Registered User

My thumb is double jointed and bends in strange ways, can i join as well?

Kolodny Registered User

I too am a bendy thumb person. I can also bend my elbows and knees backwards... looks hideous but comes in handy for freaking people out at parties

oeNeo Banned

I just tried to bend my thumb back like I used to be able to.. I couldn't do it and it hurt like hell... I hereby leave the circus

_sheep Registered User

I can bend my thumb like gordan, room for 2 of the same ?

Calibos Registered User

I was going to say "but I thought everyone can bend their thumb back", then I read the rest of the posts and looks like everyone can. So original thumb bendy poster. You're not so special after all!


I can fold my fingers over each other.
And I can move my right index finger up and down against the joint.
This freaked out a lot of people...

I can also do a brilliant impersonation of the 'Chatterer' from Hellraiser.

Silverfish Moderator

The tips of my little fingers bend right back, so when I bend them forward and bend the tips right back, people cry. This pleases me.

My little brother can put his head on his feet from a standing position. This is freakier when you see it done.

My sister could bend all her toes right back. This was disgusting and she got thumped a lot for doing it.

The chatterer?? Coooool. If anyone out there can impersonate Pinhead, though....... mmmm, Pinhead.......

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