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Hey all. I am just wondering are their any websites aimed at children who has a parent that is gay?
Thanks in advance..

Young children or older?

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Johnnymcg said:
Young children or older?

Hey thanks for replying. She is just 10, so quite young..

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Hey thanks for replying. She is just 10, so quite young..

Not really aware of any - The threads below may be of some help

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Gay Social Group Next Meeting is on Sunday 19th Dec 2010, at 1PM in The Gibson Hotel Dublin - beside the O2 Dublin.

This group has been set up in Dublin for gay people by gay people.

Its called The Dublin International Gay Social Group (D.I.G.S.)
(Making new gay friendships in Dublin has never been easier)

Check us out and circulate our existence to your gay friends.

Its totally FREE to join with NO hidden charges
- just register your email address on our webpage and its done.

Its Dublin's new (away from the scene) Meet Ups group.
The objective of this group is that it is not a matchmaking/dating group. Its a social group for all gay people, singles and couples. Everyone is welcome. It is intended to be an alternative or complement to the Gay scene in Dublin. We will have scheduled Meet Ups every month for gay men & women who are either new to Dublin, or have been here for some time, or are local Irish. If English is not your native language, don't worry - this IS for you as well. It is a chance to make new friends.

There is no charge - just turn up, mingle and enjoy the company.

At the moment we meet once a month in The Gibson Hotel. The LUAS (Red Line) stops directly outside the front door. The December Meet Up is scheduled for Sunday December 19th at 1:00 PM in the Gibson Hotel. Our Meet Ups are discreet. If you cant find us when you get into the hotel, just ask for directions to the DIGS meeting.

The age of people attending will range from the twenties upwards.

There is no cover charge - No paid membership fee - there are no catches.

Idea behind the group
The basic idea is that people will register on the webpage to connect with
others on it. If you have a social idea, i.e., things to do, or places to go etc, you just make the suggestion on the DIGS page. Every member will then receive an email alert with your suggested social idea - its then up to members to follow up on the suggestions people make (or not as the case may be) - It will only be as good as your social suggestions. You decide your social network.

This Gay group encourages friendships between all gay people. This is a new idea and we are finding our feet at the moment. As time goes on, people will connect up with others, perhaps making new friendships and maybe even new social groupings. This idea will evolve - you can make it a success by registering on our webpage and joining us at our first Christmas meet up, or alternatively you can network by connecting online with others for socialising.

Remember this is NOT A DATING SITE- but if romantic connections are made then that's great.

Before you attend our scheduled monthly Meet Ups, please check out our webpage to make sure that the venue for our scheduled monthly Meet Ups has not changed.

Visit our webpage for all information:

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Just to let everyone know that the Gay Switchboard Dublin is now part the National Helpline LGBT.IE and they are now open 7 days a week with the times outlined on there website.

Also I didnt notice that the Outhouse might not have been mentioned before they offer plenty of support and social groups like mens night, womans night, young trans nights and AA and mental health support groups that people might be interested in.


Where would the nearest hotel to Outhouse be? that's still where teni meetings are held?.

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Freiheit said:
Where would the nearest hotel to Outhouse be? that's still where teni meetings are held?.

There are a few hotels that I know of nearby like the Morrison but I think that it is expensive - might be an idea to ring the TENI facilitator and ask if they recommend anywhere

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Freiheit said:
Where would the nearest hotel to Outhouse be? that's still where teni meetings are held?.

Any city centre hotel would be fine - there should be tons to choose from. And yes the meetings are held in Outhouse - next one on 14th, and then every two weeks after that (barring mishaps - we occassionally "skip" a week, whereupon the meetings are held on the wednesdays alternate to what they were!). 7:30pm to about 9:30pm.

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Diamond Therapy is the new home of Dr. Kelly (the main clinical psychologist who works with and diagnoses trans people), and also where Rachel Moore, a speech and language therapist, works with trans people.

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After 10 years, Calpernia Addams and Andrea James have made their "Finding your female voice" tutorial available on youtube for free. This is a resource for trans women to develop a female voice.

Link to the first video in the series

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Transcend Ireland, an Irish transgender forum.

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A new online resource to promote the positive mental health for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people brought to by BeLonG To Youth Services and the Gay & Lesbian Equality Network.

Look After Yourself, Look After Your Mental Health.

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Folks, if anyone's parents/family/friends are having any problems coping with the fact that you're LGBT, consider directing them to Loving Our Out Kids. They have a phone service and monthly support groups.

Also, TransParenCI is a group specifically for parents/family of transgender people, they have regular meetings too and contact details (via TENI) are on the LOOK website.

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Updated Resource Links June 2014

All links work as of today

National Organisations (Youth Services) (Gay and Lesbian equality network) (Transgender Equality Network Ireland)

Regional groups (Dublin) (Lesbian and Bisexual women in Cork) (West of Ireland) (West of Ireland) (Northeast, Dundalk based) (Kildare) (Northern Ireland) (Northern Ireland) (Northern Ireland)

Sexual Health (HSE gay mens health site) (Another HSE site) (Support for people living with HIV, will cease operating in September 2014)

Support Groups (Support for parents of LGBT teens)

Health/Education (Not specifically LGBT but has many articles on sexaulity)

Forums/Messageboards (Lesbian blogs)

Sports/Social groups (Out & About, Dublin) (Running Club, Dublin) (Running Amach, Dublin) (Tennis, Dublin) (Emerald Warriors, Rugby) (Ulster Titans, Rugby) (Football Club) (LGBT Film Club, Dublin) (List of Garda LGBT liaison officers, last updated May 2014)

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