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edit: its shows a diff. ip to my machine ..hmmm suspicious

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theciscokid Registered User

does anyone know why one's ip's differ from the actual readings some sites give off?

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You may be configured to use a proxy, or a gateway between you and the Internet at large could be configured to redirect web requests through a proxy, or some sort of NAT could do it, or ... *shrug*

It shows the correct IP for me (the IP of my gateway).

flamegrill Beardy Mod

Cisco are you on UTV?

They use a transparent proxy for all web activity, so an ip like 195.x.x.8 may be the ip showing up.

As thats there transparent cache ip, I cant recall it off hand but those are the starting and ending numbers.



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flamegrill Beardy Mod

proxy ip is

for future reference.

its only used for port 80 (http) traffic and nothing else, and there is no way around it that i am aware. I've asked to be taken off it, but was told it was impossible.

No matter


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Considering that you have ssh access to external servers (I assume), you could set up your own proxy on the internal interface of one of those servers, and use an ssh tunnel to access it. Turning on compression should help to minimise any slowdown.

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ecksor Puppy Shotgun

In your situation, that will tunnel *all* traffic through the proxy, not just web traffic.

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