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Hey guys, the above is a replica of the postcards that the YOUNG PDs are currently circulating as part of a no2fees campaign. Being a YPD member myself, I strongly disagree with the re-introduction of third level fees, and its also something that our parent party, the Progressive Democrats agree with, furthermore, they are supporting our campaign effort with a strong re-iteration as members of the Government that third level fees will be opposed by us (as YPDs AND PDs). We're asking people to re-enforce this opinion by supporting our campaign, thus the reason for my post.

A website is available to backup the site.

I hope you find it of interest, and if anyone has any questions or comments, please visit the site and let us know, or email

Dave C.

no2fees website

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I campaigned for free fee's and used to be a very active member of USI (quite a while ago) and I say free fee's dont work..

countries around the world all are moving to a system where the student has to pay something significant to costs, as free fee's dont do the job they were supposed to - being to bring non traditional students to 3rd level education..

Free fee's are for the poor - but why should a millionares son or daughter get free fee's too?

We should have something like the old grant, but with a higher means tested ceiling, say (to pick a figure out of the sky) €50,000 per annium. If parental income is below that it should be totally free, and above that it costs whatever it costs, and put a government intrest free loans paid back over a number of years of your working life, post college.

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no2fees, please read the forum guidelines

Topics should not be verbatim quotes from some article sans comment. Either add a comment before or after the post, offering your opinion on the subject, or at the very least, your reason for adding the topic.

This is not the first time I've seen the PD's pushing some bandwagon to furthur their political agenda. I for one strongly oppose the reintroduction of college fees, but I would rather join a campaign that relies on rigorous political merit rather than a leech on the back of public opinion.

If I'm wrong, then please tell me what exactly the PD's intend to do, and what the PD's have done to date. They are a minority coalition party in government. If they feel so strongly about the reintroduction of fees they can bring down the current administration, or at least use it as a bargining chip. Until they are prepared to do this or some other effective means of opposing the decision, I'm not going to countenance the PD's loud insistence that they are stronly opposed to fees without some evidence that they are actually prepared to *do* something about it.

chernobyl Banned

What about getting better resources to secondary schools and pupils that are not so privlidged?..although i doubt my money will do so.

Yeah...once we have such a corrupt and ****ty government i dont want my money going anywhere near them!

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Yeah I think the point is that the government have said that they will use money generated by fees to help those who should not have to pay fees.
However, on the back of their recent renaging on several fronts, I simply do not think that they should be trusted to spend the money on this alone. It would be next to impossible to guarantee that fees money is spent on this and this alone, so there simply is no carrot at the moment.
Have to agree with the criticism of the PDs though, if they let this happen and continue to whine about it then they will get short shrift from students in the future, this will not be forgotten.
But as long as we have wánkers like Hourihane running the show being bankrolled by FF (and coincidentally agreeing with the idea of reintroducing fees), its difficult to know who is going to defend these interests.

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well thats utterly pathetic, those cards were done by me, so that would be expressing my opinion in fact! So you are completely wrong to have edited a post by me.

The rest of the edited post indicates that I was not in fact "moderated" I was censored. So you edit posts that don't match your political opinion? Thats worrysome.

Well there goes all confidence I ever had in out the window!

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So what you are saying is that those posters are not official PD colateral. Do they know that you are posting these personal opinions of yours with their name associated with them.

Back to why it was moderated/censored etc. We have a set of rules for this forum you read them before posting. We do not like to see a single link or a picture without the poster taking the time to write their own views in a post. Now I would have needed to be a mind reader to realise that you made those posters personally wouldn't I (see I'm saying they looked fairly professional, how nice of me!).


(by the way people who posted similar posts to yours in the past, ie a link to website or a picture only have included the Irish White peoples party(I've forgotten their name tbh) & the Continunity IRA)

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I'm saying nothing of the sort, I'm a YPD, who is part of the no2fees campaign being launched by the YPDs, not the PD.

The cards are by me, and if you need me to repost with a bit of editorial, fine. But I sure as hell don't appreciate people deleting an email, then making a comment (political comment).

If you have a good reason to delete them, fine, but sure as hell don't make it out because you (personally) disagree with them.

tHE vAGGABOND Registered User

Mary H hasent got the balls to stand up to FF anyway..

she has been their lapdog for how long, 6 years now..

gandalf Registered User

So what your saying is YPD is a different organisation to the PD's. Like "Diet" PD's or "Lite" PD's

I did have a good reason to delete your spam BECAUSE YOU BROKE THE RULES. If I decide to add a comment to add some humour, so what! (it wasn't personally aimed at you!)

Man if your going to get involved in politics you need to grow a thicker skin !!!

If you edit your post with some words explaining your campaign and your position then I have no problems leaving your post intact.


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Originally posted by tHE vAGGABOND

Free fee's are for the poor - but why should a millionares son or daughter get free fee's too?

Why, exactly, should rich people have to pay for education but poor people get it for free? That is simply not fair to the rich people.

Is this more 'positive discrimination' nonsense?

Why don't shops charge rich people for food and poor people get it for free?

Dampsquid Registered User

Why, exactly, should rich people have to pay for education but poor people get it for free? That is simply not fair to the rich people.

If thats your argument, then why give poor people social welfare payments?

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Originally posted by festivala
Why, exactly, should rich people have to pay for education but poor people get it for free?
Because the rich people can afford to pay it on their own, and the poor people can't.


Of course, there's also a question mark over means-testing the parents of people who aren't technically dependents any more in order to work out if they deserve a grant.

I'm 21 years of age and living and working in a different country to my parents - I've worked full time and supported myself since I was 18. However if I decided to go to university now, I'd be refused a grant because of a means test on my parents. Fair?

(That being said, I agree with college fees if the cash will be ploughed back in places it's needed more. If I want the privelige of a university education I'm prepared to do the work and shoulder the debt required to pay for that as much as possible, but I'd like to see the cash used to provide better education systems across the board or to support those who really, genuinely could not afford university otherwise.)

Bateman Registered User

Rich and poor, exactly what is all this bollocks?

I mean surely its common sense to make allowances for people with lower incomes on issues such as education, I mean we already have it in health with the medical card, why is education lagging behind?

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