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try the for sale board
ive seen sum for sale in there
might get lucky

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Well those guys are a long way off having a working emu it could be another year from now before we see the first beta`s!
Theve been over 6 months on it now and are still a long way off the finish!

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I can't absolutely refute the fact that a CD-drive or DVD-drive can read GD-Roms but......

Any Dreamcast ISO's that are out there were produced by using:

1) A Dreamcast.
2) A coder's cable (or, the mythical BBA)
3) A copy of Utopia BootCD 1.1 (or above)
4) A PC with serial port and Teraterm.
5) About 24 hours of a person's life.

i.e. the Dreamcast boots special software whose sole purpose is to read the GD-Rom bit by bit and transmit it down the 'coders cable' at 115Kbps where teraterm accepted the bits and wrote 'em to the PC's HDD.

As far as I'm aware, nobody got a drive in a PC to read the GD-Roms directly.

There are now drivers to mount the GD-Rom drive (in full, GD-Rom reading mode) in DC Linux which opens another technique for achieving the above.

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Well that would seem reasonable enough. All a person would need now is a nice connection to download the ISO's which in ireland seems to be in the distant future...but then again it's lightly this emulator will have been perfected by then (2004-5ish)

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