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This site is the Irish version of a UK company.

It IS free delivery.

The DVDs ARE relatively cheap. However, 95% of the DVDs are Region 1 DVDs. If you have a multi-region dvd player then you're in luck, because you can buy all the American DVDs when they are released in America. However they do sell some region-2 dvds, and a small selection of region-free dvds which can be played on ALL dvd players.

For example, you can buy Panic Room (released on september 3rd 2002) on DVD in region-free format, and it's not out in Ireland or the UK until October 28th 2002.

Delivery time is 7-8 days to Ireland.

They also do CDs. They sell the CDs for €13.95.

You have to check this out because although it SOUNDS too good to be true, it IS true.

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