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ok probably a *bit* late now,but i am going to a grad tonorrow i went to black tie(went last year and their tux's were wonderful )and they said they did not do grad's this month(what a lot of bullsh*t)so i went to greene's on the advice of someone else.i just picked up the tux and it's a piece of sh*t. the first shirt he handed me had puke stains on it and was missing not one but two buttons. so i mentioned it and got a "clean" shirt.

now i have to complain about the quality of their tux's.they are utter rubish. i will advise everybody NOT to go there.go to black tie and make up a wedding you are going to or something.

so my question is:where is the best place to go to for suit hire in galway?


Corless were decent last time I looked

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...that Martin Feeney's on Abbeygate St. (beside Java's) are okay, but have never gone there personally...

[edit](as a warning, some or all of the staff, erm, how can I word this, "play for the other side", so at least they'll know what they're talking about when it comes to clothes/fashion/trends in these things... but beware of the measuring tapes! As for going commando, forget it )[/edit]


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Yeah, Martin Feeneys has the best quality suits. Although I don't think he's that good at short notice.

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Martin Feeney's = black tie,no?

ah well in the end i brought it back to them(after the grad) and they gave me a full refund yeah-me

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How much would it cost to rent a suit for a graduation? 3 piece?

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