• Germanic: Karl Marx, Beer Gardens, Frankfurters, Falco Music, German Bahaus & Gothic Cathedrals (5.97%)
  • Brit Popular: David Becks, Soccer, Fish n Chips, Corrie St East Ender, BritPop + Spice Girls (67.91%)
  • Republican USA: Texan Steak, Big cars, Country Music, Country Ranches (0.75%)
  • Brit Posh: Georgian +Anglican buildings, Cups of Tea, BBC TV, Princess Diana (6.72%)
  • French Popular: Fort, French Wine, Vanessa Paradis, French Cafes (1.49%)
  • USA City: 2-Pac, NewYork Nicks, Hot Dogs, Baseball and American football, Da hood (5.97%)
  • Russian Folk: Trotsky, Vodka, Kuznetsov, Musorgsky, Russian Ballad Music, Rural Communities (5.22%)
  • Portugese Algreian : Kaoma, Zeroula, Arabic Music, Mediterranean lifestyles, Flamenco (1.49%)
  • Canadian: Ice skating & Hockey, Wine, Bellow, McLuhan, Mixed Culture, Quebec, Wildlife & Native Forests (4.48%)
JacquesPompidou Registered User

What is Ireland's food and langauge like? Which Country is it most similar to?

What type of Music do the Young people of Ireland listen to? What is the night life like? What sports do we play, media, literature, clothes....

Which country are the Irish youth most similar to..?

Where will Irish Youth & Culture go in 10 years time?

Lots of comments Please!!!!

BJJ Banned

Ireland's culture today can best be described as "Brit-Pop"

That's what I voted

DadaKopf Registered User

There's two kinds: Irish culture and the kind that's for sale.


Brit Posh:

What sticks in my mind were all those "Oiie-rish" people crying over Dianna, and the Union Jack flown at 1/2 mast .

BJJ Banned

You should have added BIG-Broyther to the Brit Popular Vote.

Keep on Trekin Registered User

I wanted to Vote for Atari Jag

Sometimes I think Ireland has no culture

Other times I think it's cities are very like Cardiff/Swansea in Wales

Lawnkiller Registered User

irish youth culture:

ppl who love Louis Walsh and all that rolls out of his shed ("cos its good music and u can't argue with that..." - yeah, sure).

ppl who love anything but..

ppl who know what pubs are for.. - ppl who don't...

the good and the fuKin bad(and the ugly)

ppl wot know wot life is for....ppl who don't.

those are my ideas - didn't vote cos we aren't really like another country - thats what makes them foreign and us not.

Johnny_the_fox Registered User

I thinks its a cross between Germanic and brit.

El Marco Registered User

Tbh we're alot like brit-pop, but the most appealing seems to be Canadian.

pika Registered User

I voted brit just because the food in the other ones are ****e naw I would say brit but without the spicegirls as they are slags

Robbo Witchfinder General

It can be summed up in one word, unfortunately the censor won't allow me use that word.

TetsuoHashimoto Registered User

In General

Good Point: Unlike americans, Irish people know themselves, they have a strong identity, family, and they know where they come from a have knowledge of their county and province's history, lifestyle...

Bad Point: Irish people have no culture whatsoever except for a few people in Kerry, Donegal,Conemara still having the ability to speak the Native language, playing Reels , Hornpipes, or able to dance. Irish culture & customs are dead.
Irish culture today is either American or British, but mainly British.

I think Australians & Canadians have a stronger culture than theIrish, the Australians don't watch Liverpool or Leeds United everyday, they don't talk about Brookside at work, and they don't hang around fish n chip shops.
Take the Australians for instance.They play their own sports ( Rugby, Aussie Rules..) they watch their own TV channels, and
they have their own literature and lifestyle.

deco Registered User

This is the most stupid topic ever....

And BTW I go for Germanic...


TetsuoHashimoto Registered User

Most Popular Sport: Not Hurling...The most flags, jerseys, bought....games watched are English Premiership Soccer Matches.

Most popular Irish literature in school/university:Not it's not Bram Stoker or James Joyce...it's Dickens, Beckett an Irish man that rejected his Irish roots, Shakesphere

Best Tv: Highest TV ratings in Ireland come from Eastenders and Corination Street figures

Pubs Nightlife and Beer: Pubs and Nightclubs close at almost the same time as in England. Irish people drink the same as the English...Larger and not German Beer, German beer actually tatses good. However Irish drink more Stout and Ale than the English.

Frequently Read Material: happens to be the Star the mirror and the Sun....All British Tabloids

Most Popular Music: Not the Dubliners or Christy Moore... It's Brit POP

Best Rugby Team: The British Lions mostly English Rugby players which for some strange reason they call them the Irish lions in Ireland. But I suppose this some from the "adopted Irish syndrome" just like the Oasis Brothers.

Ha Ha

Ireland has no Culture

DiscoStu Registered User

navel contemplating goth kids - straight from the 'burbs of the good old us of a.

tracksuite wearing, overly aggressive spanners - council estates in england.

d4 daddy's girls and rugby playing repressed homosexuals - middle england throwbacks.

not much irish in there is there?

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