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It's my significant other's 30th birthday next week. I'm rapidly running out of present ideas - he has everything he needs - clothes, golf clubs, house stuff, tv/video, camcorder, four watches, laptop, PC, digital camera (believe me, he sounds like a better catch than he is!). We've got holidays planned so romantic mini break out of question. Only thing I can think of is a Playstation 2 - and I always said I'd never buy a grown man one of those

So c'mon all out there - any thoughts on a thoughtful lasting gift that will please an incredibly picky guy - and ensure that I get something equally well thoughht out for my 30th!!!

Harmo Registered User

For starters how much are u willing to spend?

Turner Moderator

You could buy him one of these...

but if you cant afford one of those

buy him one of these.

mdf Registered User

This is just what I mean - he has both a new car and a new phone - he's a gadget freak. (This really makes him sound good, but the friendly AIB has a lot to do with it!)

About 200-400 euros I'll spend...

KdjaCL Registered User

Vouchers for
4 shop with products with lots of buttons and flashy lights.

then you dont have to worry about anything

also on the hidden man present calcualtor whatever you spend on him he will double on your birthday.


Dazzer Registered User

Heres a few links that you could try. I have no idea if they are reliable but they might give you a few ideas.

I had a few more but cant think of the link :/

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Parachuting lessons

Good buzz

About E230 for a jump,. first one has to be in tandem with an instructor.

or a Sony NetMD or MiniDV cam, though that could cost more the E400

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He sounds like a lot of people that frequent these boards (incl. myself). A pure gadget freak. Wait until I have a proper income, and I'll show yez all how it's done, lol

But the one thing I will advice you (which doesn't make things any easier) is that buying gadgets for gadget freaks is more hassle that you think. The only people I like getting gadgets from is myself. I wouldn't trust any friend or relative to buy me a new phone/computer/console/entertainment centre etc, probably because I spend most of my time researching new products available, more so than my friends/family, so I couldn't expect them to get something that would live up to my standards. My folks know this already (christ I would never tell them something like that straight out ). Take for example I needed a new phone. I wouldn't advertise the fact around a birthday or Christmas, just incase somebody actually gets me one. I am very picky about things like this, and don't want to end up with a cheap handset on a prepaid tariff. I'm sure he's the same. We would accept the gift kindly, but would probably go to extreme lengths to hide the fact that we wouldn't be caught dead with it.

I know I'm not being very helpful, but maybe it's best that you keep away from the gadget stuff, unless you're in to them yourself of course.


Sico Guest

What the hell's wrong with buying him a Playstation 2? Apart from the fact that you could get a GameCube for cheaper of course...

If he's a 'Gadget freak', I'm surprised he doesn't already own a number of games consoles.

Lenny Tallaght Scumbag

had my eyes set on that.. then

Please note we CANNOT sell airguns, soft airguns or pellets to Northern or Southern Ireland.

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What do you get a man who has everyone? A box to put it all in.

What about a DVD player (not mentioned on your list)? next suggestion was going to be a PS2, but you've covered that. In-car CD/mp3 player?

kdja's suggestions of places for vouchers sound good - known gadget freaks such as sceptre would indeed be pleased to get vouchers for any of those places.

Enygma Registered User

What about the ultimate gadget? The PDA. It's like every gadget you could want rolled into one

The iPAQ is probably the coolest but a good Palm would still make a great gift.

cujimmy Registered User

Help - what to buy a man who has everything?


phobos Registered User

Originally posted by Enygma
What about the ultimate gadget? The PDA.

Oh how I love my Ipaq. But it has to have linux installed.

I wonder how many PDA sales guys know that you can install linux (or quake for that matter) on an Ipaq.


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