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I don't know where they got the money from, but look at Rovers, still waiting since March for a cheque for a million from the government...

Rovers are playing at Tolka, $hels couldn't have 3 teams playing at Tolka, the pitch would never stand up, although Ollie would love the £££ make no mistake. I wouldn't imagine that Pats even bothered to ask Bohs to plaay at Mecca for a while, as they would probably prefer to stay on the Southside, although Bray is quite a bit far out...

A story why WHAT was brushed under the carpet? I don't understand, the registration fiasco has been done to death, only Ollie could have another twist, and that can't be good for Pats. The players might have made great efforts to get more points than anyone else, but the fact remains that they played bangers. You have to win the league with competence OFF as well as on the pitch.

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FAI didnt want this to go any further so a deal was struck during the World Cup a long term loan ,low interest pats STFUP,Shels get the trophy and Champions league spot.
players get well paid for their efforts.
Pats get few medals and its all brushed under the carpet.

Im not bitter knowing we getting 2 stands

the 6 months pats will need will the 2nd half the season or even next ,Planning permission is on the Corpo website.


Bateman Registered User

Something tells me it won't be that simple. If the money and the PP is there, why not start now?

KdjaCL Registered User

Planning permission is on the Corpo website

What i meant was the application is on the Corpo website.
They have full permission for one stand,this one is still in the applicaton stage.
So assuming they have no objections it will be approved in next few months.

Then they need somewere to play...

Bateman Registered User

>They have full permission for one stand

Again, then why not go and build it now? They could/should play at UCD, Pats playing out in Bray is ridiculous, and it will probably be for longer then they will think, again look at Rovers for an idea of how these things always take longer than anticipated.

KdjaCL Registered User

As far as i know they asked all Dublin league clubs.
Dont know what UCD said but it looks like it will be Bray for us.
It be cheaper to build both at same time only reason i can think of them doing it like that.

Hopefully what happened Rovers wont happen us

Bateman Registered User

I don't know whether it'd be cheaper to build both at once. If the got one built, they could close off the area where the other is being built, and still play home games. Or maybe the insurance costs would be too much.

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