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I just spent the last 15 minutes "Browsing" with this. It throws a whole new light on things. You should check out Dahamsta's sig - Terry Pratchett never meant us to know that side of Granny Weatherwax

strat Registered User

ahh yes classic indeed
been here before but its that good it deserves another mention

DRakE Registered User

We've migrated to a titty ****ing new, faster server in Ireland. Hope you like the blowed increase!

ROFL from main page

[CALIBUR] Registered User

Chickety "Dildo" China the farting Chinese "Asshole" Chicken

ROFLMAO that my sig ****ed up


Pornolize is always a good laugh - especially what it does to peoples names and personal things said about them.

The only prob with it is it slows everything down by years because of all the preprocessing involved.

sceptre Registered User

Fun to use on a porn site - makes the whole thing seem more lewd

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