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What else need be said except (In the words of Jerry)...
Lets start the insanity

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Seinfeld Ringtones for Nokia Phones

Myself and Smuckers are using these so we thought we'd share the novelty Sure beats the confusion of distinguishing whether its your phone or not thats ringing !!

Any numbers in ( ) brackets mean you hold until you
hear a second beep


(5)8, 588, 79, 2+, 49, (7)8++, 18+, 09, 19, 0, 6#++, 69, (5)8#, 58, 0, 5, 59,
6, 6, 69#, (7)8, 18+, 09, 19+


Tempo = 180


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I still dont understand the star wars theme.
I find the stars distracting.

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i agree

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toasting in an epic bread.

Agent Smith Did you enjoy the fuhrer's birthday?

My Cats breath smells like cat food

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Here was a expecting a forum about the German verb "to be" (sein).

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