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Anyone know where I can get these in Ireland ? apart from dell/gateway


( hum.. is that my 400 th ? )

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If only I was able to give you karma....

Must I ask ?


Dr_Teeth Registered User

Laptops use standard 2.5" hard-drives, you can order them from any place that sell PC gear. You should make sure that the drive fits your laptop though, as the size of the drive increases so does the thickness, slightly.

If you can find out what manufacturer makes the the laptop drive you're currently using you should be able to find a compatible one (in terms of dimensions and power usage) made by them. IBM do laptop drives up to something silly like 45GB now, but I think only the ones up to 20GB would work in all laptops.

Do some research, most of the time people just send laptops back to get them upgraded, so it isn't too common for people to DIY laptop HD installation.


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